Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Today was my first full time work day.  The first day my kids were with a sitter while I was work.  Ever. 

The day actually flew by and I didn't even time to miss my kids.  When I got home, there were three neighborhood kids at our house (side note: neighborhood kids?  I could write a whole post on that.).  I was in my "professional" work clothes and was ready to change.  So, I closed my door so said neighborhood kids wouldn't be scared for life.  I changed and as I was ready to open my door, I realized that my bedroom windows were open.  The windows that look right out onto the front yard and the street.  Where our neighbors were standing with their grandson.


When I got home from work (still sounds weird) today, Kendall screamed, "MOMMY!!" and hugged me like never before.  It simultaneously broke my heart into a thousand pieces and also filled it with joy. 

I can do this.