Thursday, September 20, 2012

I just got a really strong, overwhelming urge to blog.  It could be because as I was catching on my blog reading, I saw someone's blog post entitled, "Laundry" and I thought, "Well, surely I could be more exciting than laundry."  Ok, maybe not. (HeyO! Blog post from 2007 in the house!)

For realsies though I need to be in bed.  I have a Title 1 one meeting at 7:30 the morning.  (Or, "Title 9" as my mom called it.  Oh, Mom.  You are so adorable getting all your "Titles" mixed up.  Hee.) Now that my one day to sleep late is Saturday, I've come to treasure it so.  I got Cason's soccer schedule and almost every dang game is at 9 a.m.  WILL NO ONE THINK OF THE PARENTS?!?!?!

People have been asking me how working full time is going.  It's going well.  I truly love LOVE  teaching so that helps.  I miss my kids but they don't particularly miss me very much. 

I must admit, miss Kendall has surprised me with how well she has done in pre-k and at her pre-k aftercare program.  I really didn't know how she would do and she has done beautifully.  She got pre-k student of the month for September and I was so happy for me her.  She has a wonderful teacher and her aftercare teacher is awesome too.  My only complaint is that I miss hanging out with just her during the day.  I really do.  But she's on to new and better things and I have no doubt that this was the right choice for her. 

Oh Cason.  He has rocked the house in math this year in first grade.  Srsly. We know he didn't get it from me but I'm proud of how well he's done. Reading is a different situation and it's one I find particularly frustrating.  He has never struggled in reading until recently and I'm not really dealing with it well.  It's hard when you can teach a whole class of precious babies to read but you feel like you can't help your own child.  I think Colin is going to take over those duties for awhile bc Cason and I are maybe just a little too alike with how we deal with things and we don't work well together, sometimes.  I'll wrap that up by saying: Not meant to home school. 
There are times when I wish he were at my school but he just absolutely loves his school so much and he has just blossomed there so I wouldn't change a thing for him. 

My mother in law asked me if I had any recent pictures of my kids and I must admit that I don't.  I'll get on that. 



Cheri (aka "The Mom Lady") said...

I think the Blog Virus is in the air - I've done two in the past couple of weeks. I know, right? Glad all is working out well. The K schedule for Mirai is, ahem, ambitious. She's doing fine - I'm not. Still can't get my arms wrapped around homework for the sake of homework in K.