Thursday, December 22, 2011

As far as I'm concerned there are two types of women in the world: American Girl women and every one else. I don't mean "American" as in "from America." I mean, "American."

If you grew up an American Girl, you:
1) wanted to name your future daughter Samantha, Addy, Felicity, or Molly.

2) love(d) reading.

3) poured over every catalog even though you knew it was the same as the last.

4) knew your Christmas and birthday list would consist of some sort of American Girl loot. And your relatives knew it too.

5) felt sorry for your friends that weren't American Girls. But of course, you were kind enough to share (but never Samantha...she's mine).

Yes, I was an American Girl. I was spoiled. I had Samantha, Molly, Kirsten, Addy, and Felicity. I had every book. I had accessories. Each doll had multiple outfits and beds. I actually was subscribed to the American Girl Magazine for a long time.

Like I said, I was spoiled.

Without being too sappy or dramatic, I have to say, I love what the American Girl company gives young girls. The characters are respectable, believable, and identifiable. It's a cure for the Bratz and other ridiculous toys for little girls.

Kendall got a bitty baby for her first birthday. She still loves it. The last time we were at my parents' house, she got out my old dolls and had a ball. And then she rented the Kit Kittredge movie from the library. She was in love and I was fanning the flames.

So Wednesday, we did something awesome for me for Kendall. We stopped by the American Girl store in Dallas, birthday money in hand from grandparents.

Kendall and I could have stayed all day but Colin and Cason were with us. Next year, sister. Next year.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Happy 4th birthday to my smart, sweet and beautiful Kendall.

Kendall, you are more "yourself" than anyone I know. You are incredibly girly but not afraid to get dirty outside with your big brother I love you more than you know, Miss Sassy Pants.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Have you ever told someone they could borrow something of yours and then you kept forgetting to bring it to them? Like, to the point of awkwardness. Examples being: You tell a friend she can have your maternity clothes and you forget to bring them to her every time you see her. And then she has the baby. OR: You tell a friend they can borrow the book and you forget to loan it to that friend. And then when you DO remember, they say, "Oh, I got tired of waiting so I bought it and read it and then read the other four books in the series." Awkward. Not that that has EVER happened to me. Ahem.

That's what I feel has happened to my blog. It's been so long that it's awkward.

So quick recap:

1) We had a thanksgiving with approximately 340 people (not really but almost). Kendall was sick. Take those two facts for what you will.

2) Kendall's birthday party was last weekend. And so goes my yearly rant about having a kid with a Christmas birthday. We had her party much earlier than her actual birthday this year. It was great in one sense because it's out of the way now. But it's made Kendall very confused about when her actual birthday is. She knows it's December 20th but she thinks that's already happened. Oh, and don't ask to see pictures of the party. They aren't uploaded yet.

3) We are done with Christmas shopping and have everything wrapped. This is the first year my kids will have presents under the tree for more than 5 minutes. They've done great so far.

4) Cason got to shop for us at the Santa shop at school. He got something for Colin, Kendall and me. All I know is what he got for Colin (a coffee cup (Colin doesn't drink coffee)). Colin knows Cason got him a coffee cup so he's really laying it on thick and saying things like, "I really wish I had a nice cup to drink hot chocolate out of." Cason lights up and gets the biggest grim on his face too. Love.

5) I plan to use said coffee cup when I get a Keurig for Christmas. I actually don't know if I'm getting a Keuring for Christmas. I'm trying to drop small hints like, "If I don't get a Keurig for Christmas, I'm quitting this family."

6) Kendall got her ears pierced. It's pretty adorbs if I do say so myself.

Other than that, we're hanging out getting ready for "the most wonderful time of the year!" Or something like that.

New Year's resolution: Post more on my blog, making less awkward for everyone.