Monday, November 14, 2011


Things longer than a Kardashian marriage.

Has that joke been overplayed?

Since I last blogged, Blogger changed their interface and I feel like a stranger in a strange land....

Cason played his last soccer game on Saturday. He loved every second of it. The moral to the story being don't tell everyone that you know that your kid will never play soccer because then they will most definitely play soccer. (I'm looking at you, Colin White) He wasn't all that great at it though so I'm not worried about him turning in to the next David Beckham.

We've got an awesome plumbing situation going on right now. The plumbing in one of our bathrooms has to be replaced. Which, incidentally, involves ripping out all the flooring and concrete under the floor. So right now there is a giant hole in my bathroom. And I have bunco at my house on Saturday.

Has this happened to anyone else? We bought this (old) house with the plans to redo most of it. It seems as if the chain of events went something like this:

1. Buy house
2. Make extensive plans for remodeling
3. Do nothing

We had make plans to redo that bathroom before but something else always came up (see: babies, cars, new fence). And now I'm glad because if we (Colin) had laid a new floor and THEN had to rip it up? Well, someone would have lost a limb on account of my anger.

So we've got this plumber in there as we speak replacing a drain. He came out last week and said he would have it knocked out in no time. Heh. Funny. So here we are four days later and I'm still looking at his plumber's crack.

And, quite frankly, it's not very enjoyable.


Jessica said...

you may not write that often, but you always make me laugh!