Wednesday, August 10, 2011

School supplies bought and delivered to classroom: check

Meet your teacher night: check

Kindergarten parent meeting: check

Living up the last few days of summer: check

Insane weather: check

People calling/texting me daily to check on my mental state of mind: check

One really excited three and a half year old who thinks she's going kindergarten: check

One really excited 5 year old who asks me everyday, "How many days till kindergarten?" : check

One really neurotic mom who is questioning every decision about PTA, teacher gifts, volunteering, what time to be at school, what time to pick up from school, can her baby walk down the hall by himself, can he pick out the right library books, can he find his lunch box, what do I send for snack time, did I send the right pencils/construction paper/crayons/folders/paint, what the other baby will do while her brother is gone all day, will he like kindergarten, will I be able to help him get homework done, will he have lots of homework, will he learn to read, will the teacher like him, more importantly will she like me, should I bring her a sonic card or is that sucking up, and SO ON AND SO ON: CHECK.

All day kindergarten starts tomorrow. Let's do this thing.


Lela said...

Oh, goodness. I'm stressing out about Jacey starting an hour-a-week speech class; I can't imagine what I'll be like in a couple of years. I'm sure Cason will love it! And you'll have extra time to get stuff done, right? And Kendall... well, she'll get used to not being in kindergarten yet! :) Keep posting about how it goes so I know what to expect for when my baby gets there!