Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Cason has been wanting to learn how to tie his shoes. I was trying to explain it but I don't think I was doing a very good job at it so I looked up some videos on You Tube (What a great home schooling technique! "Here, look it up on You Tube.").

The first video I found was this little gem. Nothing will make you want to tie your shoes the cool way more than this dude.

BAM. You're awesome.


rdh97j said...

This video makes me so happy! Apparently, I tie my shoes the "Cool Way", and I didn't know it! In fact, I've had many people make fun of the way I tie shoes, but now I can show them that they are the ones that are uncool! BAM!

Jessica said...

Whateves, I know you are totally tying your shoes that way. And when I see you do it, I'm going to yell "BAM! You just blew my mind!" and then laugh.

Brittany Elizabeth said...

Boom! Double knotted! Thanks for the great youtube laugh!