Monday, November 29, 2010

I'm kind of a non-fiction junkie. I love reading self helps, parenting books, cook books, lifestyle books, books about countries around the world, etc.

I've read a lot of parenting books. *

It's like I need help or something in that area.

Quit laughing.

One thing I've noticed in parenting is a common theme that, as a parent, you should give your kids their room as their space. Which, in theory, I'm on board with.

Until Cason decided he wanted to keep his toys in grocery sacks.

I'm trying really hard to let it go.

*Emily recommends: Scream Free Parenting, Boundaries with Kids, and The Happiest _______ on the Block Series. You're welcome.

Monday, November 22, 2010

This year on Thanksgiving, there are many things we all can give thanks for. One of them being that you are not going to Thanksgiving with this woman.

Somehow I doubt her "sense of humor" she speaks of....

Thursday, November 18, 2010

(be jealous of my awesome manicure)

Did anyone else's kids get these trick or treating? I've been meaning to do this post for awhile. We're not still eating Halloween candy (that you know of). But, in all seriousness, is that not the grossest Halloween candy you have ever seen? I threw them out. Kendall loves gummy candy and I just cold not stomach the thought of her eating a thumb in a hot dog bun (how many times do you get to say THAT in life?).

Monday, November 15, 2010

I hear that a lot. If you have small kids you probably do to, generally from well meaning strangers.

And I'll be honest, some days it's easier to believe than other days.

Today was a day I won't miss.

But that's ok. The days where I find myself screaming into a pillow (or a towel, or sweatshirt, or whatever is handy) or going into the bathroom and beating the counter top with a hand towel (this is all hypothetical, of course)are few and far between.

So, today as we left Braum's, and the very kind older lady said, "You will miss these days so much when they grow up." I wanted to ask her, "I'll miss Cason begging for bright blue birthday cake ice cream? And I'll miss Kendall laying on the floor of the library screaming? (And while we're on the subject of the library will I miss days like today when I saw someone I knew there and she saw my kids but I hid on the other side of the library while she was looking for me so I wouldn't have to talk to her and her kid that never misbehaves? Will I miss that?)" Probably not. I won't miss any of that.

And I won't miss finding Cason sitting on top of the refrigerator looking for cookies that I hid. I won't miss Kendall biting her brother (when will the biting END?!). I won't miss Cason dumping ALL of his books on the floor along with his massive toy car collection. I won't miss the temper tantrums.

So I guess it's more accurate to say this while I won't miss THIS day, I suppose at some point, I'll miss THESE days.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

So we're in the middle of a bedroom remodel. I'm so excited for it to be done. Our bedroom has always been the last thing and we never get around to it. It needed some major TLC and redecorating. Although I haven't bought new bedding yet and the old stuff is not going in my new bedroom so perhaps I should take care of that.

In case you haven't seen it on facebook, while the bedroom is being done, we're sleeping in the living room. So my huge bed is in my small den. Which pretty much makes life a little crazy for me. I never feel like I can find anything. I've been trying to keep things clean but it gets a little difficult at times. I have several pictures I want to post but that would require me trying to locate my camera cord. And I just don't think that's going to happen right now.

I'm also simultaneously trying to redecorate Kendall's bedroom. And I want to redecorate and paint my kitchen. And it's the holidays. And Kendall's birthday. So have I bit off more than I can chew? Probably. My goal is by the end of January to have it all done. So that means February.

Let's just hope my bed can move back into my bedroom before then.

P.S. Does anyone know anything about recovering a chair? I'm dying to do it but have no idea how.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Wow. It's been awhile since I posted. I would like to make up some awesome excuse but really, we're just busy, like everyone else. We visited the great state of Texas, we came back to Oklahoma, we did the pumpkin patch, and we went to 800 million Halloween activities/parties/trick or treats just like the rest of you. When did Halloween get to be such an ORDEAL? Didn't we just trick or treat when we were kids? I know, I know. I sound like an old grouch. But seriously.

So many of my friends have been remarking on blogs and on facebook (side note: why isn't "facebook" an acknowledged word by spell check? WHAT DOES MARK ZUCKERBERG HAVE TO DO???) how much they love this time of year. I must admit that I don't. I love love love summer. I love swimming, grilling, hot weather. I love that it stays light out till 9 pm or later.

Don't get me wrong. I really enjoy Christmas and decorating for Christmas and doing all that stuff. But the fall....I'm just not really that into it. I suppose it's my south Texas roots coming through, where we had two seasons: "Hot as blazes" and "not as hot." One day I'll tell you about the time I moved to Oklahoma and my parents told me to buy a coat and I bought a jacket because I thought a jacket was a coat. I HATE cold weather. HATE IT.

But I can't keep it from getting cold. So I guess I'll just button up my coat and deal with it. Maybe I have seasonal depression (because don't even get me STARTED on January/February).

See? We went to a pumpkin patch: