Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The kids had their pictures taken by the talented Miss Lesley last week. I highly recommend her. She is so good with kids and if she can make my grumpy diva, Kendall, smile then I guarantee she can get your kid to smile.

Love this one!

Didn't those turn out great? And I have like 100 more pictures that also turned out great. I mean, looking at them, they look so sweet and pleasant it's almost like they are even my kids.

Oh, wait. There they are:

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Question: How do you know your four year old has a melon head?

Answer: When he head butts his dad and gives him a black eye.

I wish the picture did it justice, but it doesn't. It looks like dark purple eye shadow and has now spread even further. I have to say, it makes it very difficult to have a conversation with Colin without bursting into laughter.

PS You can still comment on my post below! Thanks for all the loveys.

Monday, April 12, 2010

This is sponsored content from BlogHer and KFC.

Christmas of 2008, I was flying high. I had a relatively new job that I was loving. My daughter was about to turn one. My mom was in town for the birthday celebration and for Christmas. We had all the kids’ gifts bought and it was going to be a great holiday.

We also got a new big screen but that is neither here nor there.

My precious Aunt Laura had been having some health issues that doctor’s were having trouble getting a hold of. I had known about it when I had seen her a few months before but by Thanksgiving she seemed to (maybe?) feeling a little better. My mom had casually mentioned to me that she was going to be tested for cancer but it shouldn’t amount to anything.

Here are some pictures of my aunt and me at my wedding.

Look at my aunt. Isn't she gorgeous?

Then, while my mom was in town, we got a frantic phone call from my grandmother. Not only was it cancer but it was the worst possible news we could have imagined. Started in her breast and had metastasized to her bones and other areas and organs.

No one in my family had been diagnosed with cancer before. In fact, I was so brazen to be almost confident about the fact that no one in MY family had ever been diagnosed with cancer before. That was something that affected other families. Not mine. But now, I was scared. My mom was scared. My grandparents were devastated. And I couldn’t imagine how my aunt and uncle were feeling. Not mention their three kids who were 19, 14, and 12 at the time. My baby cousin ( I can still her call her my “baby cousin” at 19, right?) was in her freshmen year of college. Think about your freshmen year of college. I cannot imagine being slammed with sort of devastating information at anytime but much less when you’re trying to figure yourself out and you’re not living close to home.

After the diagnosis, people went into action. Prayers, meal, money, gift cards, gift baskets, were all given. Family was in and out of the house helping out as much as was needed. And it was needed. My aunt had a massive fight in front of her. We are so thankful for her doctors that wanted to CURE her and not just TREAT her. Not that it was/is easy, in anyway. The first few months of chemo were more rough than anything I could ever imagine. But how fortunate we are to live in a time when the thought of curing cancer is something doable.

Everyone knows cancer is scary. I think if you asked any given woman what her greatest fear is, one of the top ones would be being diagnosed with breast cancer. One in eight women in the United States will be diagnosed with breast cancer during her lifetime. That’s a friend. That’s a relative. Susan G. Komen for the Cure is the world’s largest non-profit breast cancer organization and they have invested almost $1.5 billion in cancer research and community programs. Think about the pink ribbon. You know what it means, don’t you?


That’s what we want. That’s why we fight. That’s what my Aunt Laura will be. Today she’s doing great. She’s feeling healthy and more importantly, she’s feeling hopeful.

KFC is joining the cause through Buckets for the Cure. You can look for the special pink buckets at participating KFC restaurants. The buckets will feature the names of those who have survived and those who have died. For every Pink Bucket, KFC makes a 50 cent contribution to Susan G. Komen for the Cure. The Pink buckets will be available in KFC restaurants through May 23rd

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Friday, April 09, 2010

On Tuesday, my little man turned four. I love this little guy more than words can express. The older he gets, the more he reminds me of myself. Which doesn't bode well for the junior high years. Or the high school years. Or the college years.

Or adulthood.

I can already tell, in a year, when he turns five I'm going to be an emotional mess.

Sigh. At any rate, as much as I've tried, I can't stop him from growing up. So here's to one of the coolest four year olds I know....

Photograph courtesy of Lesley Proctor Photography

Monday, April 05, 2010

...Or just in case you're not friends with me on facebook and you didn't see my 852 pictures I posted there...

See, we like each other....kinda.

My little Missy Prissy

My man wearing an awesome pink shirt. (someone said they put a picture of their son wearing a pink shirt on their blog and someone left an anonymous comment saying they ruined him for life. if you're going to do that at least leave your name.)

He is going to be four tomorrow. I feel like singing 'Cat's in the Cradle' right about now.

And a rare picture of me on my own blog. Enjoy.

I hope everyone had an amazing Easter. What a great day it is for family and love. After a wonderful day of Easter celebrating, we went out to dinner for Cason's birthday. We are so blessed to have a wonderful family both biologically and through Jesus. Can I get an Amen?

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Hello all. Nothing like a little Random Thoughts Thursday to bring me back to the blogging community.

I haven't been blogging much recently because it's baseball season. Those that know me well know what this means for our family and they also know I'm apt to complain about it at the drop of a hat. (Seriously, somewhere my friends are covering their ears saying, "Shut up about your difficult life for heaven's sake!" I mean, honestly, I'm getting annoyed with myself. A friend can't say so much as, "Ow. I have a hang nail." without me saying, "Oh yeah! Talk to me when you've been by yourself all day every day with two small children that insist on being fed and talked to ALL DAY!") All that to say, I'm somewhat single momming it these days and I am Egg.Sauce.Ted.

Please don't hate on me, but I haven't done The Shred in 6 days. I promise to start back tomorrow. Never mind that I've said that for the past 5 days.

Tomorrow night I have plans to go to dinner and shopping with a dear friend. And no children. It is almost embarrassing how much I am looking forward to this. Like, I could almost cry when I think about how wonderful it will be. Not even lying when I say that. She has promised to not try and get in and out of a stroller, crawl under the dressing rooms or hide in the clothes rack. I really can't ask much more than that. Also, it will be wonderful to have a meal out in which I don't have to say, "I swear, if you don't turn around and quit touching that man's head in the booth behind us, you will go sit in the car and eat!"