Friday, February 12, 2010

Guys, I must confess. I don't understand this one. I've seen people making it all over the blogosphere and facebook.

(and since we've had more snow this year than Antarctica*...)

Ok, correct if I'm wrong, @Natecast, but isn't snow just frozen rain basically?

I'm sorry, but if it RAINED 6 inches, I would not go out and collect six inches of rain water (even it it was from a clean bowl that I had set out) and drink it. EW! But, is that not essentially what snow ice cream is, plus a little milk and vanilla? I mean, am I missing something here? If you would not drink rain water, then why would you eat snow?

But you know me. I'm slightly neurotic. So maybe I'm wrong somewhere.

*Not really. I just like to be overly dramatic. Obvs.


Elizabeth said...

I completely agree. The snow still has to fall through the air with all of the usual car exhaust, fireplace smoke etc. right? I've never had the stuff, but if I have a hankerin' for ice cream, my butt is going to Braum's -not the backyard. Double Eww.

Cheri (aka "The Mom Lady") said...

Of COURSE I eat snow ice cream! It's part of my childhood along with all the jokes about avoiding YELLOW snow when making it! And I'd drink rain water that fell in a clean container too. Snow ice cream, made the way we did when I was growing up (you know, back when dinosaurs ruled the earth?) was to get about 5 HUGE bowlfuls, add some milk and Nestle's Quick powder, stir it up good and then you ate it OUTSIDE in the snow! You only collect snow on the day it is falling WHILE it is still falling. Snow ice cream is right up there with catching snow flakes on your tongue or making snow angels. It's something extraordinary (well, in Texas anyway) you can't do very often. It's not that it even tastes all that good - it's just that you can DO it! :)

Believe me, you get much less germs from snow ice cream than you do from sharing your drink with someone or sharing an ice cream cone (double EEEWE from me on that one).

Said my peace. :) And smiling thinking of my childhood memories.

Dara said...

I concur Emily. The emperor has no clothes people.

Bethany said...

I think about the disgusting -day-after-snow slush from when I lived in Nebraska and the thought of snow cream makes me ill.