Friday, February 19, 2010

Except that it's Friday.


I am patiently awaiting 10 am for Tiger Woods' statement. Shut up. I'm sure it will be life changing.

The other day, I floated the idea of leopard print leggings past my much-younger-than-me-friend Lauren. She was trying to be nice and all, "Um....yeah...that might be ok." But I know she was lying. What say you? Leopard print leggings with a black cotton dress...yay or nay?

Ok, back to Tiger for sec... How can you expect to be taken seriously when you will not answer any questions? Geez. Everyone say it with me: LOO-ZER.

Ok, back to fashion for sec....I found a (can't believe I'm about to type this) romper the other day that was (can't believe I'm about to type this) cute. I reminded me of a romper I had back in the early to mid 90s that I was WAY cute in. Of course, I am no longer the age that I was in the early to mid 90s. But this romper was black and would look so cute with my jean jacket and a chunky necklace. But I just don't think I could bring myself to do it.

I've been over investing in the Olympics. Facebook and Twitter have been way fun these past few nights. I've loved making rude and disparaging comments about the Russians. I guess when it's over I will have to start making rude and disparaging comments about American Idol contestants.

Yesterday, I told Cason to take something back to his room and he said, "Yes, your majesty." I worry that child is going to act like yours truly.


not so zen momma said...

As you know I consulted with you about pursuing leggings under a cotton preggo dress. I did buy them and sported them to church and received many compliments. Thank you! But leopard... I dunno.

I saw a tweet the other day talking about finding a cute romper. I think they are back on the way in.

From modcloth on twitter: I'll level with you: I'm not usually a fan of rompers... but I kinda want this one! What's your romper POV?

Natalie Hudkins said...

Get the leggings. Get the romper. Life is short. You'll look cute. But don't wear the leggings under the romper.

Melanie said...

K, I am a fan of the leggings look, but I must say that I feel leapord would just not work. I think it would look good, it is just not a look for everyone. And when I say everyone, I mean woman with kids. I just mean I feel it is a look for a non-mom type in their early 20s. Don't get me wrong, I think moms can still wear leopard, just the right way. It might look a little too "cougar" if a mom were sportting the print in legging fashion.
As far as the romper, I would have to see it on. These can be super cute on and I like the idea of it with a jean jacket. I need a photo or shopping invite to make my final decision though.

mydogumentary said...

I don't know if I can feel the leopard leggings. I've always wanted to wear leggings but I'm afraid it would bulge me too much. You should just get a cute leopard flat and wear it with a neutral legging. But, knowing you, you'll do whatever you want! :)

Gena said...

I missed the press conference. Saw highlights. I'm not sure that guy is repentant or just sorry he got caught. What do I know?

I second Natalie.

Mandy said...

Go for the leggings. There's no reason to turn to mom jeans just yet!