Tuesday, February 23, 2010

So the reaction to this post was quite hilarious. In addition to the comments, I was also flooded with an outpouring of emails and texts from people who had a general concern of my state of mind because I was considering wearing -GASP- animal print leggings! There was even one incident of a flaming bag of poo on my door step from someone who was firmly in the anti-animal print legging camp.

I really thought the I would get the biggest reaction to the romper. Which I have since decided is possibly more of a jumper (I know, as if you could not hate the idea more). You can actually go see it here. SEE? It's from Old Navy. I'm not even cool at all. I discussed with a dear friend (while ogling her squishy-lovey-nom-nom-I-wantz-to-eat-you newborn) that if I were to go with said romper/jumper, I might as well just buy a dress and alleviate all controversy.

But I'm still thinking I might get leopard print leggings. YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE PEOPLE.


Gena said...

Do it. I love animal prints and I love leggings. You can't go wrong.

April said...

We love animal print at our house too....well the girls do.

You did a video with songs in it awhile back for your daughter. You mentioned a song in it that I liked and I can't remember. I only have a list of 13 songs currently...why not add one more! If you could e-mail the song that would be great! aprilprice@cox.net

OK Chick said...

Do it! I support you.