Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tonight I had several errands to run with the kids. We're leaving in the a.m. to make the trek to Texas (Cheri, will we actually be there at the same time or will we be passing each other via I35?). Before we left I wanted to get the kids some July 4th outfits (because...duh...they need them). I also had to go get a few necessities. On the way to our pre-shopping meal of Qdoba (kids eat free on Tuesday!), I noticed the sky looked...dark. But, heck, we haven't had rain in, like, 13 years (not counting the minor Sunday morning shower) so why worry, right?

Of course, I made the stupid decision to go get their outfits first. When we were finishing that up, it started pouring. I mean POURING. Like in Noah-like, biblical proportions. And we still HAD to go to Target. When you need diapers, you need diapers, people!

Ok, I'll be honest here. It wasn't the diapers that made me go to Target. True, we were low. But not out. I needed makeup. Bad. And to me makeup is as important (if not more) as diapers. So there you have it. Are you happy Mother Nature? ARE YOU?!

I grabbed the kids and held both of them and RAN into Target. By the time we got in, we were soaked. We were quite the talk of Target. Us and the people who bought the largest swimming pool and then asked 4 workers to carry it out to their car (What the heck?). My hair looked like I had just got out of the shower. I could have wrung my clothes out. The kids were equally as soaked. Kendall's hair was dripping wet as was her bow. Cason looked like he had been thrown into a swimming pool. And he had one thought to share on the subject:

"Mom, my shoes are wet."

And yes, I got my makeup.
And diapers.
And Oreos.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Today marks seven great years of marriage for Colin and myself. I thought we could take a little walk down memory lane and I could show all of you some of my favorite pictures of us.
Here is one of our engagement pictures. Wow, I was having a great bangs day.

Here we are at one of my Theta banquets. I loved those white gloves.

This picture is one of my favorite from our wedding day. Colin's stash was particularly awesome that day. As was my hat.

Here is our latest family picture. Just us and our two kids.

Colin, I love you very much. I'm not sure I could have ever found anyone else to put up with me.

To give credit where credit is due, all photos courtesy of Sexy People.

PS No, that is not us in these pictures.

Friday, June 26, 2009

...But she eats like her mom. mmmm...ice cream sandwich good.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Me: Cason, hurry and get in the car.

Cason: Mom, it's hot out here.

Me: I know. That's why I said hurry.

Cason: Is it your fault that it's hot?

Me: No.

Cason: Is it my fault that it's hot?

Me: No.

Cason: Whose fault is it?

Me: I guess that depends on whether or not you ask Al Gore.

Cason: Who is Al Gore?

Me: Our former Vice President.

Cason: Is it his fault?

Me: Lots of things are Al Gore's fault.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

And now you can get in real time.

Thanks for the title inspiration, David.

I'm twittering now. You know, in case you can't get enough of me. Seriously, in case the blog and facebook just aren't enough. And I added a twitter bar! On the side of my blog! GET PUMPED!! Also, I think I am going to have to delete my husband from my twitter followers so I don't have to listen to him make rude comments about my twits. HA! I said twits. Although I do think I need a twitter tutorial (a "twitorial" if you will (see, Jess, I told you I would use that joke again)).

If you tweet, or twit, or twitter, or whatever, please leave a comment with your name so I can follow you. And please follow me, too! I need followers. I need validation. You can find me @theheartoflifeinok.

If you don't twitter, follow my tweets on the sidebar. Also, if you don't twitter...YOU SHOULD. All the cool kids are doing it.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Swimming Lessons Edition.

Cason starts swimming lessons tonight. Oh, my gosh, he is going freak. He's not going to do it. He won't get in the water. Should I bring my bathing suit in case I have to get in with him? No, that's stupid. But what if they ask me to get in and then I don't have my bathing suit? No, they won't ask me to get in. Should I call? No, that's stupid. But what if Cason won't get in unless I get in with him and then I don't have my bathing suit? Should I wear my bathing suit or bring it in a bag? And if I do wear my bathing suit, I'm going to have to do in front of the little swim teacher who probably looks like Jessica Biel. I'm going to call and cancel. Because he won't get in anyway. He hates the water after "the incident." Great, I'm going to have one of "those" kids whose afraid of the water. Buddy, that is NOT going to work in this family. We swim in this family! Oh no, now he's going to feel like I rejected him if he won't get in the water. And then he's going to have an attachment disorder. That's it, I'm canceling. No. I'm not going to do that. Because then, he'll never want to get in the water again. And he has to learn not to be afraid. I'm so glad I have someone to watch Kendall tonight. But what about the rest of the two weeks? I'm going to have one screaming to get in the water and one screaming to get out of the water. If Colin had a normal job, he could keep or go with one kid. No, I'm not going to get myself going with Colin's job. I have enough to think about today. What if they ask me not to bring my kids back to the pool? What if the teacher hates Cason? Will they refund my money if he doesn't ever want to back? Great. Whose idea was it to get him in freakin swim lessons anyway? Oh, mine. Right.

It's exhausting living in my brain.

Swimming lessons start tonight! Guess I'm a glutton for punishment....

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

This morning I woke up to a kid that had peed in his bed last night (who had helped himself to cheetos for breakfast), a kid that had diarrhea running out of her diaper and all over her crib and no pop tarts in the house. Any moment I expect a major appliance to quit working.

Monday, June 08, 2009

Anyone that knows me well knows I have a soft spot for animals. I was one of those kids that wanted to bring home every stray animal. Except cats. I'm horribly allergic so I can't tolerate it.

As if the Jon & Kate + 8 drama wasn't enough, Jon recently said about his two dogs, "Those kids beat them up, climb on them, pull their tails, bite at them, drag them around and everything you can imagine not to do to an animal, they've done." To which my dog Sunny said, "Join the club."

And NOW the Humane Society has been receiving calls and complaints about the way the Gosselin's let their kids treat the dogs. Oh my gosh, people. There are many animals out there that are being horribly abused, neglected and tortured on a daily basis. Can we please focus on that rather than two dogs that are adored by their family? I mean, seriously. Please do not call animal protection on me, because my dog has "endured" all of this same "abuse." We also teach our kids that pets come with responsibilities. It's Cason's job to feed the dog (right now, he loves it...we'll see how long that lasts.) Also, we have to watch them around other dogs so they know not every dog is as patient and loving as Sunny. Actually, she doesn't know any other life.

Folks over at PEOPLE Pets.com were all over the story, complaining about how people let their kids be cruel to pets, giving the Gosselins tips to teach the children respect for the dogs. To that I say, if you are writing on threads on a message board on PEOPLE Pets, please find something better to do with your time. Like reading just PEOPLE.com

See? They're totally BFFs.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

So I hate going to the dentist.

Sorry, Mel.

But no matter how much I hate it, I go every six months like clock work. And in the days before I go, I start dreading it. Because I don't like things in my mouth that sound like they should be used to drill holes in asphalt and OMG, that pointy metal thing you are using to tear my sensitive gums apart? THAT HURTS!

Today was my dentist day. I should take this opportunity to tell you that right around the corner from my dentist's office is the kids' pediatrician's office.

Can you tell where this going?

I drive up, get out of the car and walk into the office. Only I'm not in the dentist's office. I'm in the pediatrician's office. See, this is what having kids does to your brain. I blame it on force of habit. Either that or my body was rejecting the dentist.

Speaking of rejection: Dear Blossom, I reject you and your dumb and almost irresponsible parenting practices. Call me when there's a Blossom reunion.

Blossom should know better than to get me started on vaccines.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Hey, you know what's funny? When you leave your kids for the ENTIRE weekend and when you get back the first thing your three year old says is,"Mom, you're gone! I want to go to Bible Hour." And then proceeds to cry when you try to take him away from his grandparent that he just spent the entire weekend with. Because HEAVEN FORBID he be somewhat excited that you are home.

But whatever.

I had a GREAT time on my girls weekend in Canton. Thank you for asking. I think we can all agree that sometimes it's nice to get away sans children.

My ziploc system was not followed very well. But that's ok. I'm not bitter. At all. I'm not obsessing about my husband taking my daughter out in public in a diaper and a 3-6 month size tank top with uncombed hair. I'm not upset at all about that. At all. Not at all. No really. I mean, who cares, right? CERTAINLY NOT ME! (all I can say at this point is thank heavens for my sister in law who I raised properly. she came to the rescue and bathed kendall and did her hair.)

Yesterday was my birthday. Yay! I spent the morning taking the kids to the water park with friends, waiting in line for 20 minutes to get my picture taken for our season pass and then promptly leaving after Cason went way under water and decided he hates swimming. Don't be jealous of my awesome day.

Ok, he was under long enough that I can understand why he was scared but not long enough that I was scared. So now the child that would just jump in without thought last summer will straight up tell you, "I hate swimming. I'm not going back to the pool." Sigh. But we're not giving up. I'm going to enroll him in swim lessons. And we're going back to the pool today. No rest for the weary.