Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Further proof that we really need to invest in a child size table and chairs:

Monday, April 27, 2009

I was going to title this something cute and clever like, "Cool things I would like to have" or "Things I need to make my life complete" but, I'm nothing if not abrupt and to the point.

Things That I Want:

A $500 Target gift card. Heck, let's just make it $1,000. Every time I go there, I seem to find more and more I can't live without. Although I've stopped buying diapers there so the number of times I frequent my local establishment have dwindled drastically. Around the same time, Target posted a first quarter loss. Coincidence?

A jewelry organizer. Last week, I cleaned out my closet and my dresser. I got rid of an embarrassing amount of crap. Seriously. It's embarrassing how much junk was lurking. 2/3 of it went in the garbage. The other 1/3 is going to goodwill today. All of that to say, now I need to organize my jewelry. I think I have decided to get this (from surprise). Does anyone know if I can get one of these anywhere else? I just don't really want to pay for shipping.

These shoes. For Kendall. When Kendall was born, someone gave her a lovely and adorable navy blue dress accented with sunflowers. I have been waiting and salivating for her to be able to wear it. I would post a picture but it's in her room and she's asleep. I was looking for some shoes to match it and I saw those on ebay. OMG! COULDYOUDIE?! INORITE?! Seriously, those are the cutest stinkin sandals. And they are perfect for the dress! The problem? The price. I just don't think I can justify spending that much money on shoes for one dress. Yes, we are shoe snobs at our house. Yes, our kids wear nike and robeez ( I say as I run around in my five dollar flip flops). But those went with lots of things! I'm just so....torn. And they aren't at gap anymore so I can't wait until a friends and family weekend or have someone that works there get them for me. I'm stuck with the ebay $27.00 price. Thoughts? Someone talk me down.

PS It has recently come to my attention that my blog is suffering on account of Facebook. Will try to remedy that.....

Friday, April 24, 2009

Tonight, playing outside, Cason threw a stick at me. After some, uh, "discipline" and a brief timeout from playing, the following conversation ensued:

Me: Ok, you can go play. But what do you say first?

C: Yes Ma'am.

Me: No, what do you say?

C: Uh....

Me: What should you say when you hurt someone?

C: "..."

Me: I'm sorry....

C: It's ok.

Me: No. You need to say I'm sorry.

C: I'm sorry.

Me: For.....

C: For......

Me: What are you sorry for?

C: Thank you.

Me: No, why are you sorry? What did you do?

C: You're welcome?

Me: No. Are you sorry you threw a stick at me?

C: Yes. You're welcome.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Dear Mr. Wilson*,

Hello. Yes, I know it's only been a one hour since I saw you last, but here we are. Or here I am, rather, writing you a letter. Because, Tom**, it's time we break up.

No, no, no! I'm not going to start seeing another pharmacist! I'm hoping to stop filling prescriptions altogether. At least for a month.

Tom, you and I have been seeing a lot of each other recently. Too much. It's getting inappropriate. I saw your wife the other day at the grocery store and she asked me how you were doing. Between the four rounds of pink eye (one of which involved two prescriptions), skin issues, sinus infections, and double ear infections, I have thoroughly had enough of you.

You hear of this "economic recession" and you wonder what the honk everyone is talking about. That, sir, is because I have been single handedly keeping your business afloat. I am sorry to tell you this, but one of these days, you are going to have to pay for your mortgage with something other than my kids' illnesses.

Tom, this is hopefully goodbye for a long time. I won't miss you. But my kids will miss the balloons and 25 cent cokes***.

Love ya!

*Yes, I know his name.
**Yes, I know his first name.
***True story: Once we were at the pharmacist and Cason got a coke. I didn't have a quarter to pay with so the lady said, "Oh, that's can just pay for it the next time we see you." I'm not sure whether I was more bothered about her wanting me to pay for the 25 cent coke next time or that she knew there would be a next time. Or that Cason knew right where to go to get his coke.

Friday, April 17, 2009

See this? I freakin own one. So there.

How mean how dang cute is that?

At church, we do secret sisters. Because it says so in the bible or something. And because I have the most awesome secret sister in the history of secret sisters (Dear SS: I love you and want to be BFFs with you for all time. Love, Emily)(I mean, she really has gone above and beyond...itunes cards...candy) she gifted me that little glass filled jar with egg soaps on Easter. OMG! Eggs! On Easter! I just got it! Oh, Secret Sister, you are so clever.

Now, until this point I have not been a huge fan of the brown and blue phenomenon. Everything in my house is black. Because I like being depressed I suppose. BUT this little jar of robin's egg soaps has changed my life! Now, I want to totally redo my bathroom around these soaps. Actually, I tried to talk Colin into buying a new house so I could have a guest bathroom, so I could decorate it around my soaps. Because the bathroom that I would redecorate would be the kids bathroom. And let's face it, that's like throwing your pearls before swine. He wasn't into buying a new home for the sake of the soap.

Secret Sister, you have inspired me! One way or another, I will have a new bathroom. And at the center, will be my soap. That no one is allowed to use. Ever.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I would like to take this opportunity to personally send my congratulations out to Josh and Anna Duggar. They are expecting a new little Duggar this fall. I, of course, am so excited about this. Anna, don't ask Michelle if you can borrow her maternity clothes. She's not done with them. Instead I found this little gem that you can whip up on your sewing machine (I had to put this item in my "watching" ebay file. When Colin saw it he was like, "Why on earth are you watching this item?" I'm not sure whether he was more disturbed by the jumper or that it was maternity.)

Anna, I have compiled a list of things that Michelle probably won't be sharing with you about pregnancy and beyond.
1. There will be a time when things like your husband telling you in front of the whole family that you are pregnant will not be cool. In fact, you will probably want to rip his face off and serve it up with Tater Tot Casserole.
2. That brings us to Tater Tot Casserole. Girl, if you keep eating that, it's going mess up the plumbing.
3. Don't expect Michelle to come help out after the baby is born. She'll probably be birthing her own at that point.
4. Kiss your little 20 year old body good bye. Your waistline will be exchanged for a panty sandwich complete with ice pack and little circles of witch hazel. One word: Dermaplast. Two words: Get some. And I won't even talk about what is going to happen to boobs. Hopefully, you still have the sewing machine you used to make that pattern I sent you so that you can hem them up with you skirts.

Here's to happy nine months, Anna!

Monday, April 13, 2009

...we were busy trying not to lose our home in a grass fire. Ok, well not really as the fires were a few miles from where we live. But we managed to survive. Although that survival was in question when I realized I had DVRd two hours of fire coverage.

Sunday was a big day here. After five days without, I was cleared to wear eye makeup again. I had a bought with Zeh Pink Eye. Blech. But thank goodness there are 90 dollar eye drops to clear up the infection. Actually, I did not fill my prescription. I survived on the small sample of drops from the doctor. Memo to Bausch and Lomb: Ninety smackeroos is way too dang expensive for a dropper of medicine no bigger than my pinky nail. Or, perhaps you haven't heard, but we're in an economic crisis. Memo to my eye doctor: When I call and say, can you prescribe me something cheaper? Cheaper does not mean 70$. Or, perhaps you haven't heard, but we're in an economic crisis.

The kids and I have been passing around some illness for almost four weeks now. And after much pleading and preaching from my parents about eating healthy, taking vitamins and blah blah, I decided to get Kendall on an antibiotic to break the cycle of sickness (In all truth, she was at the dr. for a well child check and the doc said, "Ew, she has a nasty double ear infection!" So we saved a copay! Which worked out well since I went to the doctor for zeh pink eye and Cason also had a well child check up this week. Ha! Take that medical bureaucracy!). I like to handle things with the least amount of healthy eating as possible.

Question: Anyone out there going to a tea party? I'm interested in your thoughts on this. Ok, well probably not every one's thoughts on this. But some of you.

ETA: Y'all are so funny. I meant a POLITICAL type tea party. Not the kind at Inspirations Tea Room. Although I could seriously go for some coconut cake right about now.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Like you've never played outside in the dirt in your underwear right after you took a bath?

I'm thinking of sending him to Octomom. I don't think she'd notice one more.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Cason is three today. In some ways, it hardly seems possible that it's been three years since I was laying in a hospital bed waiting to meet the little guy that had been making me so uncomfortable and sending my blood pressure through the roof. In other ways, it seems like he's always been here. It's like there was always this spot carved out for him in the world, and three years ago, he arrived to fill it! You don't have to watch the video...but if you do, please know that my children are abnormally beautiful so you shouldn't feel bad if yours aren't as pretty as mine.


Friday, April 03, 2009

Have I mentioned that I'm going to Boyz II Men tonight? No? Well, I am. Further proof that I am completely awesome. The first time I heard Motown Philly, I was watching a Full House epi and Stephanie Tanner had a dance routine to it. I danced with someone (and I CANNOT remember his name) to "End of the Road" at my 8th grade dance. And II was one of the (if not THE) first CDs that I ever owned. I can still sing all of the words to "Water Runs Dry." I know. Your respect for me has just reached to new levels.

Cason's birthday is Monday (wipe a tear...sniff sniff). He's having a SMALL party on Sunday with family and three friends. There are two things he's been pretty consistent about wanting for his birthday. An airplane and a "cool tv." By airplane he means one that you ride in. Like an actual airplane. And by "cool tv" he means one like his dad got for Christmas. A 50 inch flat screen. What can I say? He's like his mama. He's got expensive taste. I'm trying to prepare him for the harsh reality that, barring a massive win at the slots tonight, neither one of those things will be gifted to him. We're thinking more along the lines of toy trucks and movies.

I've been going back at looking at pictures of him (so I can put together a slide show like a did for Kendall...I know you are all pumped) and I am struck at how much he looked like Kendall when he was her age (I am also struck that when he was Kendall's age I was very much pregnant...something I mean not to duplicate).

Well, I need to go plan my outfit for tonight. Question: What does one wear to a 90's group's concert at a casino? Discuss amongst yourselves.