Monday, March 30, 2009

Currently, Colin is putting Cason to bed. I'm pretty sure that Colin is actually asleep and that Cason has got out every book he owns, "read" it out loud, and thrown it on the ground. I am, personally, not going to concern myself with the outcome of this charade. Every now and then, they both emerge, and head to the bathroom where Cason attempts to do some business. Have I told Colin he is being played? No. And I don't plan to.

Cason has had a bad case of the Whys? recently. Everything I say to him, he says, "Why?" In an early attempt to break him of this habit, I decided I would just ignore him (I know. Set him up with a therapist now.). If I didn't acknowledge he was saying it, he would quit, right? So it went like this:

Me: Please don't stand up in the bath tub.
Cason: Why?
Me: Because that's how people fall and get hurt.
Cason: Why
Cason: Why, Mom?
Cason: Momma, Why?
Cason: WHY?
Cason: (louder): MOMMA WHY?!
Cason: I SAID MOMMA WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And then he gives me this look, like, "Well, gosh you don't have to yell about it." And Kendall gave him this look like, "OMG, I know, right?"

Friday, March 27, 2009

On days like this, you know the days when the weather forecasters tell us we will not survive, I always build up these grandiose - like plans. The kids and I will "insert any number of cooking/crafting projects" and I will get "insert laundry/cooking/cleaning/organizing" done. It will be great! We're house bound! I WILL get all of this done!

But it never does.

The kids ending up watching TONS of TV while I make sure to be up on the latest celebrity shenanigans inter-mixed with sending random emails to friends concerning whether or not one should wear a fanny pack to a casino (which, I'm sorry but I'm NOT going to apologize for spending my time on such things, so there.)

I AM cooking tonight though. Lasagna, salad, garlic bread and cookies. I have a question for you to ponder: Can it really be called cooking if the lasagna is Stouffer's, the salad is from a bag and the bread and cookies are frozen? I say yes. What say you, internet?

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

We sat by a grandma flying down there. Her good humor was greatly appreciated.

Cason finally pooped in the potty at my brother's house. He did not, however, poop in the potty at a layover in Dallas. Instead, he told me he pooped in his pants as we were boarding the plane.*

Kendall discovered my brother and his wife have DVR. They are now thinking of adopting her.

Cason had chicken nuggets 28 times.

Something about crossing the Red River makes us sick. Some one inevitably gets sick every time we go down there. This time it was all three of us. I was thinking of making the kids t-shirts that said, "My mom took us to Texas and all we got was this cough and a raging fever."

I loved having my iphone down there. Email was at the ready. Now my parents think all I do is sit around on playing on my phone. They are right.

We did lots of shopping. I think Kendall came out the best, no surprise. Now I need to get on the horn to my bow lady...

Cason discovered the movies "Homeward Bound" and "Babe." Both good movies that don't yet annoy the crap out of me.

Both of my kids are performers. They love to be the center of attention. I swear, they are just like their dad.


Seven days was too long to be without Daddy. As much as I get on my high horse about "how I have to do everything (insert eye roll and sigh)", the kids missed him lots and were thrilled to see him at the airport.

My parents are wonderful loving people who put up with a lot while we were down there. I think they'd even have us back. Maybe we'll go again one day if I ever muster up the emotional strength.

I would show you some of the pictures I took but I lugged my 80 pound camera down there to take a grand total of zero pictures.

*Ok seriously, what does one do in this situation? "Excuse me Mr. Flight Attendant! Can you please hold the plane while I take my kid to wipe his butt? Kthanx!" And I don't think Cason, me and Kendall would all fit in the plane bathroom. So, I let him sit it it. I sat between him and the other person in our row as to try and ward off any olfactory offenses. Hey, judge not lest ye be judged.

Monday, March 16, 2009

The kids and I are leaving this afternoon to fly to Houston for seven days. And then we get to fly back! By ourselves! Me and two kids! YAY!! I'm not really worried about the OKC airport. I'm more worried about flying out of Houston where there are lots of business travelers who will be trying to make it home. The stupidest thing (and anyone that has flown with kids knows this) is that security has to look in the kids' shoes also. So you're standing there on trying to get a stroller, two bags, three pairs of shoes, and your jewelery on a conveyor belt while making sure that you don't lose track of two small children, figure out why IN THE NAME OF ALL THAT IS HOLY IS THE STUPID METAL DETECTOR GOING OFF and you're doing all in socked feet. Or barefoot. And your kids are barefoot. If I'm lucky, they'll flag my belongings to do a search.

I'm sure after that little rant, I'm on some government watch list (Hi President Obama! If you're reading this, can I get my stimulus money in cash? kthnxbye.).

The good thing about going to my parents' house is that I get taken care of for a week. When I go to my mom's house she does my laundry, cooks and does everything for me. But when she comes here, she still does my laundry, cooks and cleans my house from top to bottom. I'll have to raise Kendall so that she comes to my house one day and cooks and cleans for me.

I probably won't post while I'm down there because I won't have a laptop or anything. But never fear! I'll be face booking it up. If you haven't friended me yet, do so.

So until next week, I'll leave you with this little nugget: Cason was letting the dog out the other day and he told her, "Sunny, go outside! Go poop! But don't eat it." Wise words. Wise words.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

My ten year reunion is coming up. I always assumed I would go but now that it's staring me in the face I just. don't. know.

I was on the phone to my best friend from high school the other night and we were discussing if we should go or not. In high school, the two of us pretty much stayed together all the time and made fun of other people.

It's a theme that has continued throughout most of my life.

Anyway, we were discussing that if we go, we would pretty much be doing the same thing - sitting back and making fun of everyone else. Something I can do in the comfort of my own living room and I wouldn't have to travel eight hours and pay 50 bucks to do so.

Plus if I go, I'm sure I will be reminded of all the stupid, idiotic things I did in high school (and trust me there were some doozies). I guess though that everyone will be too wrapped up in his or her own insecurities to worry about someone else (FYI: that little peal of wisdom is for free. the next one costs.).

But I know if I don't go, I'll probably regret it. What are your thoughts? Did you go to your reunion or do you plan to?

I had to perform the Heimlich maneuver on Cason the other night. The culprit was a barbecued meatball. I think we both handled it pretty well. He chocked, I reacted, he got back in his chair and promptly popped another meatball in his mouth. This has nothing to do with high school. I just thought I'd share.

Monday, March 09, 2009

Kendall has found her best friend. Her name is Sunny. Seriously, as much as that dog makes me want to cuss sometimes, she is the BEST dog to our kids.

Here is Case and his BFF, Haley celebrating her 3rd birthday. They really are best buds.

We're thinking one of these days, they'll have to stop going poop in front of each other.

Friday, March 06, 2009

I've been given a few blog awards in my day. I usually don't say anything about it because I don't feel like messing with it to be honest with you. But I have recently been given the Kreativ Blogger award (thanks danielle!). I wanted to show it to all of you because it's so pur-tee but for some reason, I can't get the picture to show up on my blog. Actually, when I save it to my computer, I can't find it.

And then there's the Honest Scrap. I got tagged (or awarded?) for this by a few of my peeps so I'm going to do it.

The rules for Honest Scrap are:
1) Choose a minimum of 7 blogs that you find brilliant in content or design.
2) Show the 7 winners names and links on your blog, and leave a comment informing them that they were prized with “Honest Scrap.”
3) List at least 10 honest things about yourself

1. Cheri: Because she's not just my mom's friend anymore...she's mine too.
2. Gena: She's a gun totin', violin playin', republican mama. What's not to love?
3. Angela: I love my kids almost as much as she loves her dogs.
4. Ginny with G: Even though she's a gator fan. Whatever.
5. Ok Chick: I like her even though she enjoys exercising.

Yeah, I know that's only five. Whatev. I don't care. I'm a total underacheiver.
Before you read my ten honest things, you have to swear to still be my friend afterwards. K? Promise?!

1. Today, the kids and I went shopping and then enjoyed a nice lunch at Falcone's (despite that a worker was very rude to me there) and went to play at the park after that. It really was perfect. When it was time to leave, I only had to threaten Cason with a spanking once. Then we got in the car and Cason wanted a drink of his (diet, caffiene free) coke. I told him to wait until I got in the car and then I would get it for him. Instead, he leaned up into the front seat to get it himself and knocked the FULL coke over in my car. It left me wondering if there can ever be any "perfect" day with a kid his age or if there is always going to be some incredibly angering event that takes place.

2. I can't relax at night until the dishes are done. Can't do it. Colin doesn't get it. Tell me someone else out there understands.

3. I hate songs that try to be "sappy" and create fake emotion. Cases in point: Butterfly Kisses, Holes in the Floor of Heaven and pretty much every Carrie Underwood song. Don't get me wrong, I like CU but she really hasn't sung any song that I particularly like.

4. People often wonder how Colin and I ever got together. I don't know, but it works for us. I think it's that we both really enjoy watching TV.

5. My son sleeps with his eyes open. It kind of freaks me out a little.

6. Would someone please explain Robert Pattinson to me?

7. Mid January, I gave up my beloved Dr. Pepper and my even more beloved sweet tea. I pretty much want to kill myself, but really, the weight FELL OFF when I did. Now I'm kind of at a stand still with weight loss but I'm proud that I've stuck with it for this long.

8. My brother and I both suffer from terrible heart burn issues. Mine never really went away after I had Kendall. I think I may actually have GERD or something (something else about me: I enjoy self-diagnosing through the internet). Weird thing is my parents don't have problems with it at all.

9. I have a very low tolerance for annoying things. Which leads me to lose my temper quite often. I'm working on it.

10. Ok, this is a big one. I don't really like Ikea. Don't get me wrong they have LOTS of cute, REALLY cute things there. Maybe it's because I grew up very close to one. I don't know. I just am kind of -meh- about the whole Ikea thing and I don't really get the hysteria.

Please don't judge me.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Wow! Where does a week go? I would like to say something cool like, "I'm so sorry I haven't blogged all week, I've been at Disney World!" or "Sorry I've fallen behind in my blogging. I've been talking to Lindsay Lohan all week about why she should wear pants." or "I've been partying it up all week with a group of leprechaun impersonators getting ready for St. Patrick's Day!" Although, if you've done that please send me pictures because that would be kind of awesome.

Here's the extent of excitement at our house: Cason learned to make a really good farting noise with his mouth and he now does it all the time and says that someone tooted. Good times. His dad is proud.

To the person who gifted me an itunes card: Thank you!! Kendall and I have been enjoying our Lady Gaga downloads.

Don't be jealous.

I'll try to be back tomorrow with more. I have some blog awards and a tag that I want to do. Please try to hold your applause.