Wednesday, January 14, 2009

If you have a kid, you know how it goes. You decide on a baby name and when you tell people what it is, they all feel they have a right to comment on it (except for those people who wait until the kid is born to reveal the name...and don't even START with me on you people). You hear all kinds of things:
That sounds like a boy's name.
That sounds like a girl's name.
Surely you're not going to CALL him that.
No one will call him that.
That sounds like a made up name.
No one will spell it right.
(Rolling eyes)EVERYONE is naming their baby that!
That's not a family name.
That rhymes with a bad word.
I straight up hate that name.
I will pay you 200 bucks NOT to name your kid that.

And you're thinking, "Step off people! It's not like I'm naming the kid Trashcan or Lemonjello or Merconium or something." Trust me, I know.

That being said...

If Ben Affleck had called me to tell me that he and Jenn were planning to name the baby Saraphina, I would have said, "Ben, no. Violet is a cute, classic name and Saraphina just doesn't work with your family's names. And while we're at it, the whole 'normal-stable-celebrity-regular-marriage that seems to work' thingy you have going on? So boring. I much perfered the crazy Days of Bennifer. And tell Jenn that I still haven't forgiven her for Elektra. A million Junos cannot erase that mistake. And, oh yeah, you're a redsox fan. We get it. TRUST ME. You can quit wearing their t-shirts all the time."

That's what I would've said. But he didn't call me so I'll keep my opinions to myself.


Cheri (aka "The Mom Lady") said...

I think they're calling her Rose - with goes with Violet. The whole Seraphina Elizabeth thing is just for monogrammed linens and such things that I presume celebrities like to get for each other (unless they are REALLY good friends and then it's probably a "ROSE" vanity plate on a little MB coupe...)

I'll take the "boring" of them however anyday over their peers - I think Violet and Rose have half a hope in a you-know-where of turning out somewhat in sync with the real world. :)

And at least they didn't pick fruits - Apple. What kind of name is that? Are you named after a really super cool HOT computer? A fruit? Was mommy hungry? Or am I to personify the legendary fruit of separation between man and God?? I think E Weekly needs to get off their butts and answer these burning questions!!!

Ginny said...

Isn't it weird how celebrities don't call for our opinions? I would gladly give mine. Oh well.

OK Chick said...

HAHA...I talked about this on my blog too. Yea, weird name.

also known as shell said...

Saraphina sounds like a FLDS polygamist name. and I know my FLDS pliggy names :)

Mandy said...

I know! I was so disappointed in their name choice.