Thursday, January 08, 2009

Sometimes, when people are talking to me and I'm really not interested in what they are saying, I start to wander off a little. I'm actually really good at making the person THINK I'm interested in what he or she is saying. I can nod, even ask questions. But inside I'm thinking, "I could really go for a brownie right now. I think if I have another boy, I'll name him Talan. That's cool. My butt itches. Is Talan a weird name?"

Well, this post is kind of like that. I'm sure you won't be remotely interested in what I'm about to say. You'll be scrolling down thinking, "Wendy's sounds good. Are the Garner-Afflecks ever going to name their baby?!"

Anyhoodle, Cason has had a week of raging temper tantrums. Like it started Sunday and hasn't quit yet. It's pretty much been one long tantrum with breaks for occasional sleeping (napping doesn't always fit into the fit throwing schedule) and eating...after he's thrown a fit about what he's going to eat. I KNOW it's totally normal for kids his age. I get it. But for realsies y'all.

I've been researching through articles and books. They ALL say the same things and NONE of them help. I read a lot of Dr. Sears and after awhile I was all, "Dr. Sears, I'm kind over you and how you think you know everything. Because I don't think you do know everything. There are some things I fundamentally disgaree with you on. " And Dr. Sears was all, "Yeah but I pointed out that Cason's temper tantrums center around when he's bored and that you need to keep him busy because that's when he's happiest." And I said, "Yeah, but you also said that temper tantrums can be the result of non-attachment parenting and if ever there was a kid that was attached - it's him! And don't even start with me on your vaccine stance!" And then I realized I wasn't really talking to Dr. Sears and I had to take a step back. I was sitting there at my desk, and I looked over at my almost three year old who was asleep. He woke up and said, " I wanna sit with you." He got in my lap and I smiled and took a big whiff of him.

He stunk because he hadn't bathed in two days.

If you skipped over that whole section, Welcome Back! It's good to have you. And NO the Garner-Afflecks still have not named their baby.


Bethany said...

Do you think he could be sick? Of course my daughter throws fits all the time like anyone else's kid (or anyone else who is telling the truth) but sometimes when they are just out of character and ongoing it turns out she was getting sick. And even if not, you can tell other people that's what's wrong!

Suzanne said...

You are hilarious!! The tantrums come and go here as well! I hope they get better soon!

OK Chick said...

"I could really go for a brownie right now. I think if I have another boy, I'll name him Talan. That's cool. My butt itches. Is Talan a weird name?" It's called A.D.D. I have it too, don't be ashamed! I think us A.D.D people are quite talented!

theoneaboutus said...

I sooooo love this post! Seriously.
Love it.
I had a similar conversation with Dr. Sears and his stance on crying it out.

I won.

Thank you for making me laugh this morning. :-)