Monday, January 26, 2009

Alternative title: Everything I need to know in life, I learned by potty training a 2 and half year old.

1. While zip up footy pajamas are quite cute, they are not necessarily conducive to going pee quickly.

2. A one year old finds a pebble of poo to be an acceptable toy.

3. It is always helpful to have your favorite fire engine book at the ready when you have bathroom business to do.

4. Pointing, uh, downward is good.

5. Bribery works for anything. And to that end, chocolate continues to be the best form of bribery. (Seriously, even I'll do anything for an Oreo)

6. Potty training is a great way to teach a two year old his new favorite word..."Disgusting."

7. Consistency, consistency and more consistency

8. Patience, patience and more patience.


Cheri (aka "The Mom Lady") said...

Seriously, I did NOT train the boys when we were in the UK. Miss Jean did. She was our "surrogate grandmother" and just decided one week when Mike and I were on a trip somewhere (yes, surrogate grandmothers keep your CHILDREN while you jet off to Paris!!) that the boys, aged 3 and 2, were old enough to train and did it while we were gone.

To say she got a big tip is a grouse understatement. The woman is in our will. She is a goddess amongst mothers everywhere. Perhaps I have her number somewhere and she'll fly from Southwold directly to OK!! Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Oh, one word of wisdom (gleaned from the aforementioned Miss Jean) - using Smarties (like plain M&M's) or Cadbury Chocolate Buttons is a DANDY reward for "putting it where it goes".

Now that I think about it, they both STILL look for Cadbury Chocolate Button candies...

Cheri (aka "The Mom Lady") said...

Um, I meant "gross" not "grouse". One involves one year olds finding pebbles of poo and the other one involves either birds that get hunted or women who complain about potty training.

My apologies. Just thought I'd better put it out there in case for SOME reason my mom saw it and corrected me online.. :)

not so zen momma said...

Wise one, you have so much to teach!

April said...

I am going to have to post one of these myself. So cute!

Elizabeth said...

Since you're now the expert, you can expect to have Anna visiting you in about two years. I don't do pebbles of poo.

Elizabeth Mullins said...

Any words of wisdom for a sleeping pooper?!

Daniele said...

Very cute and love the lessons! Working on 27 months old now but it helps with an older brother going as well.

OK Chick said...

Good luck.