Thursday, January 29, 2009

You would think that when you're stuck at home for three plus days, you could get lots of things done. Especially when your husband is off too. You could clean your house. You could organize things. You could get your kid totally potty trained (actually that's going great...knock on wood). Laundry would be done. Meals would be cooked daily from scratch. YOU WOULD THINK. And yet for some reason, my house has never been messier, more disorganized, and I have zero desire to cook anything. Instead, I've been spending my time hunkered down with a blanket wondering why Jessica Alba is famous, watching endless hours of Fox News and Horton Hears a Who for the 832nd time and asking Colin to GO OUT AND GET ME SOME OREOS, FOR THE LOVE OF MARY!

Oh, wait! I did organize one thing! My DVR! And let me tell you, that turned out to be quite a little job. I was exhausted. I deleted one of Cason's movies. Shh. Don't tell him.

We ventured out last night to Ron's Chili. If you've never had Ron's Chili, I feel sorry for you. Your arteries thank you, but I still feel sorry for you.

Here we are on the frozen tundra that is our front yard. Case cracks me up in this picture. He looks like a little wrestler. And YES that is a picture of ME on my blog. Don't look at it too close, I'm not wearing eye makeup and that can be a scary thing.

Hopefully we will be able to leave soon. And hopefully Colin can go back to work soon. Not that I don't just love having him home.....but well, you know.


Cheri (aka "The Mom Lady") said...

Wow! I didn't realize the weather got that bad there! We almost got down to freezing here last night - but on the flip side, you "only" get tornadoes while we tend to hedge our bets with hurricanes. Kinda like, which do you prefer, heart attack or stroke? BOTH can kill you or leave you disabled for life!

Glad you got your videos organized. Sometimes you just gotta get those ducks in a row. Hey, I cleared out my Texas basement, a room NOBODY SEES, and it gave me the greatest feeling of fulfillment.

Hope you get over your cabin fever soon - by getting OUT of your cabin!

The Ratcliffs said...

Did you see the thing on Jessica Alba when she told the reporter to be neutral and be like "Sweden" (instead of Switzerland). Then she goes to Wikipedia to prove that Sweden was neutral during World War 2 also, and she knew exactly what she was saying. ha.

Gena said...

Emily, I love your blog. I stumble across it every now and then, and always wonder why I have never added it to my links. Well, I'm doing it right now. If anything, we have Fox News and O'Reilly in common. I don't think many of my friends share the same taste in news shows. :)

OK Chick said...

Ron's Chili? Please tell me more.