Monday, September 29, 2008

It's kind of like "A Baby Story" but without the annoying midwife.

Not really.

Before I forget, let me clarify a few things about McDonald's. That specific McDonald's is actually very clean. And the poop situation was being taken care of before I even knew about it. They did everything properly. Who knew a little #2 would elicit all these comments and mass emails? I'm not sure it's a McDonald's issue so much as a playland issue. Maybe I just need to stop going to places with playlands.

But seriously, don't stop going to McDonald's. Some of my friends livelihood depends on it.

Ok, now onto the "personal" part referenced in the title.

No, not THAT type of "personal."

Last night, Colin and I were discussing his schedule for the week. For those that don't know his consistent schedule, here is the gist of it: He's gone twelve to fifteen hours a day. I had launched into my usual "Woe is me, I have to stay with these kids while you go out to 'your job' and blah blah blah." You know the drill. After that, I did a few things on the computer and I visited a site that I visit every now and then but haven't read in awhile. It's Multiple Baby Pile Up. She has triplets, two girls and a boy. The little boy passed away and now the girls are almost a year old. I was going back and reading some of her older posts that I hadn't read yet, when I read this sentence:

"I realized I spend all my time with my two absolute favorite people in the whole world, and how cool is that?"

That sentence smacked me in the face. I mean, seriously, what do I have to complain about? Is there anyone I would rather be spending all of my time with. No.

So I'm turning over a new leaf. Actually a few of them. No more complaining. I'm going to be more spontaneous with the kids. I'm going to let Cason do more things that he wants to do (clarification: That does not mean, letting him run wild. It means, instead of not letting him paint because I don't want to clean up the mess, I let him paint and not worry about the mess.). Today (so far) has been a really great day. Cason and I painted, made pancakes and cookies. This week, I plan to be more 'go with the flow' and less, 'No we can't do that because I haven't planned it eight days in advance.'

Who knows how it will go? But no more martyr complex about taking care of my kids, because I want to do it and they need me to do it.

I realized, I spend all my time with my two absolute favorite people in the whole world, and how cool is that?

Thursday, September 25, 2008

1. Some kid blatantly stole Cason's drink.

2. A girl doing cartwheels ran right into my kid. Oh, and she was wearing a dress. Doing cartwheels. Wearing a dress. Ok, you got it...I'll move on.

3. There was poop in the Playland.

As if the unhealthy food and dirty environment weren't enough, I think reason number 3 alone is enough to make me skip the eating establishment for the rest of my life. But I probably won't because it is Cason's third favorite place to eat after Chick-fil-A and Johnnie's.

What? Don't take him out to eat? Cook for him myself?

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

First of all: The doctor called me this morning and everything came back great except one pesky little thing. The endocrinologist thought it was no big deal but did want to test her again at one year. So in three months we get to do testing all over again. You'll excuse me for not squealing with glee. In the meantime, Kendall gets to eat everything with a pat of butter and a mozzarella stick. Otherwise known as, "Mommy's diet." Thanks for all the comments and means more than you know.

Second of all: I made almost an entire chocolate sheet cake today while the kids were taking a nap. It was a very satisfying experience until Cason woke up while I was making the icing. He was in his usual wonderful-just-waking-up mood. Seriously, I don't know where he gets his bad attitude from. So to keep him quiet while I finished icing the cake, I gave him a spoonful of icing. Oh shut up, it was a little spoon.

Third of all: Ok, here's the recipe for Hawaiian Chicken. No, Angela, it will not be Pioneer Woman like. Sorry, no pictures. But just know that this is the easiest, yummiest chicken.

chicken breasts
1 jar of apricot preserves
10 oz. Thousand Island dressing
1 envelope of Lipton onion soup mix

Salt and pepper the chicken. Mix the preserves, dressing and soup mix all together and pour over chicken. You can cook it in the crockpot or you can put it in the oven on 350 degrees COVERED for two hours. Make sure you cover it though. I forgot to do this once, and it was nice and...uh...blackened. Also, a warning: when you mix the stuff together, it looks gross but when it cooks, it makes a yummy glaze. Serve it over rice.

Fourth of all: This happened minutes ago while I was typing. That is a new bag of goldfish that I just opened. All of it. Now you know why we hate leaving the house. What do you think the odds are that he will clean it up on his own?

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

1. Friday we had homecoming activities at Carl Albert. The kids had a great day spending all day with their dad.

Here they are waiting for the homecoming parade to start. They are thinking, "Get this mother of a parade started do I can get my chubby hands on some candy."

Seriously, is this child not gorgeous? I mean, I'm not biased or anything. And please ignore my total ghettoness and the fact that it looks like I only have one tooth. I promise I have more than one tooth.

Kendall is showing off her CA pride. No, she never takes her hand out of her mouth.

2. Saturday was equally as busy. We went to two ball games, one at CA and one at OC. Two ball games in one day. I know. Don't you wish you were my kids? Or me?

3. I've been busy eating these (scroll down to the peanut butter fudge brownies...three words:OMG).

4. Sunday, at the in-laws house, Cason was asleep on the bed and then we found him like this:

He fell off the bed without waking up. This has nothing to do with why I haven't posted.

5. I took Kendall to the doctor on Monday for her nine month check up. We had some issues. She has not gained hardly any weight and she's not even on the growth chart. She's in the 0% for weight. So she had to get some tests done. So not fun in any way. If anyone has been with their child while getting the heel stick....imagine that 100 times worse. But she lived. But keep Kendall in your prayers that everything turns out ok. Her dr. thinks there is no reason to worry, she just wanted to check some things out.

So there. That's why I haven't posted! Now leave me alone (MOM!).

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

So after being tagged twice (because I'm just that cool), I thought I would oblige and list six random things about myself. Of course that's hard to do because here on the blog, much like the gynecologist's office, it all just hangs out. I think I've actually done this before...but I won't look at what I wrote.

1. I hate popsicles. I have never liked them. When I was young, I would pretend that I liked them around my friends, but I really didn't (see, my need to please started early). When I was in labor with Cason, the nurse asked me if I wanted a popsicle, and not wanting to be rude (what is wrong with me?!) I said yes. I got about 1/3 of the way through it and had to throw it out and ask for ice chips.

2. One thing I HATE about living in Oklahoma is that there are no turn lanes. What the heck, Oklahoma? I insist that this one thing makes me a worse driver here than in (The Great State of) Texas.

3. In high school, my BFF Stace and I said we had this thing called "the thigh feeling." Meaning, when we were nervous, we could feel it in our thighs. If one, or both, of us were nervous, we would say, "I have the thigh feeling." THAT, my friends, is randomness. Stacy, I love you girl and no one understands my randomness quite like you.

4. The first CD I ever owned was BoyzIIMen, II. The one with "Water Runs Dry" on it. It was stolen years later, but then I met Colin and he had it! So now its on our iTunes. Now you see why I love that guy.

5. I love Napoleon Dynamite. And I'm not afraid to say it. I also like Nacho Libre. And we OWN both of those movies. So there.

6. I'm a talk radio lover. Cason knew Rush Limbaugh's voice at a very early age. Judge me if you will, I care not.

So there you have it. Normally, I don't tag but this time I'm going to tag: Jess, Cheri, Liz Brooke and Stace...because I want to read what they say.

And I will post my recipes soon guys!

Monday, September 15, 2008

1. On Saturday the kids and I went to Chick-fil-a. When we got done eating, we went to the play area per usual. While we were playing, The Most Annoying Child Of All Time came in, without an adult (pet peeve). Ya'll, I've been around a lot of kids in my day and I feel quite comfortable giving him this title. I'll spare you all the details but he was the most ill behaved, bratty, whiny kid I have ever seen in my life (and this is after 15 years of babysitting, countless practicums, student teaching and teaching)(also: Dear Friends who I hang out with on a regular basis: Thank for not having a child like this or we would have to stop being friends. Love, Me). The kid hit and pushed my kid as well as other kids in there. He knocked my baby over. He was loud. He was being extremely bossy to my son. And of course his grandparents were just sitting in the restaurant eating. So what do you do in that situation? Leave? Tell the kid to get a life? Try to wait him out? We did the later. He finally left (after kicking his grandma) and the play area was nice and calm.

2. While we were at Chick-fil-a, after The Most Annoying Child Of All Time left, Cason played with two little boys. I talked to their mom for a long time. She was really nice. Her boys were very close together in age. Cason is right between their ages. The boys all had the best time playing together. And they were sweet and energetic. So here's my question: Would it have been weird for me to ask the other mom if we could get the boys together again for them to play? I'm thinking yes, but I don't know. I'm secretly hoping to run into them again. No I'm not, because then it would be all weird and like, "Hey do you remember us from that time at Chick-fil-a?" I guess the moment has passed.

3. The other day, I was stuffing a diaper into the diaper genie. A smell came out that should not be smelled by humans ever again. I almost passed out, after I got done gagging. This is not a debatable topic, I just felt like sharing.

4. I am cooking three things in my crockpot this week. I only have two crockpot liners left. I'm making these chicken nuggets for Cason (he'll eat anything in 'nugget' form), I'm making chicken tacos and the best Hawaiian chicken known to mankind (chicken much?). So I'm thinking I'll use my two liners for the tacos and the Hawaiian chicken. Thoughts?

Thursday, September 11, 2008

So way back in July, we took Cason to see Wall-e, in Houston. When we took him, we bought a ginormo box of Reese's pieces. And then he promptly fell asleep 5 minutes into the movie. I'm sorry, is this boring? Anyway, for some reason the reese's pieces never got eaten. And then for some other reason, we brought them on the eight hour trip home with us. And then for some other reason, they have been sitting on the bottom shelf of our pantry since then.

I actually didn't know they were there. I couldn't see them.

And that's where the reese's have stayed, waiting, hoping wishing for someone to realize they were there, pick them up and indulge in that choclatey-peanut buttery goodness...albeit two months old.

Stick with me, I have a point coming here.

Yesterday, Cason walks out of the kitchen eating the reese's. Normally, it wouldn't have bothered me if it was just a few. But it was a HUGE box, and trust me, he would have eaten the whole thing. So I grabbed them away from him and threw them in the trashcan in the pantry. End of story. Or so I thought.

About 15 minutes later I thought to myself, "Where is Cason? I haven' t seen him for awhile." I start walking around the house looking for him, calling his name. I open up the pantry door, and there he is, sitting by the trashcan, in the total darkness, eating the reese's pieces.

That was a really long way of telling you that I found my kid hiding and eating reese's pieces. But seriously, is it any wonder he calls the letter K, "the letter cake"?

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

I usually try to stay away from the topic of boobs (hehe I said boobs!) on the blog. Although if you know me in person (or in teen lingo: IRL) you know I'll pretty much talk about anything. Well, I'm sorry, but this needs to be said:

Um, Lindsay Lohan? Bras really are a girl's best friend. Just a little FYI for ya there girl, from one sista to another. If you're not going to wear a bra, I must request that you hem those suckers up with your dress. Thank you.

I'll spare all of you the picture on the off chance that you just ate...or ever want to eat again. Plus, this is a family show here folks. But just know that La Lohan looks like she's breastfed the entire Duggar gang (Jessica, I almost said Duggar without dry heaving!)and served as a wetnurse to the Gosselins.

Seriously, Lindsay. Plastic surgery. Look into it.

Friday, September 05, 2008

Lessons learned from parenting: It is one thing to teach your child that throwing a temper tantrum will not get them what they home. It is quite a different thing to teach them that public.

For example, (and I'm just totally hypothetically speaking here...I mean I just pulled this example out of the air) if you are at a ball game being coached by the father of your child, and said child wants m&m's, you can only say no for so long while you and 50 other people (who may or may not already hate his father) watch him scream, gyrate, and throw himself on the ground kicking and screaming before you give in. Again, I'm just speaking in strict hypotheticals here. Of course.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

You know what I love? I love coming home from my first day of teaching preschool, going to get a glass of water and realizing that the water in our house is off. You know what else I love? Beginning the day with a smack down trying to get our water turned back on.

Someone from the city came to look at our meter last night and said that, indeed, our water had been turned off. Yes, we paid our bill. Shut up. But since no one was available to turn it back on, we had to wait and call this morning. When I called the city people this morning, our conversation went something like this:

Me: Our water got mistakenly turned off and I want it back on.
Lady: Well, I'm showing that it wasn't us that turned it off, but I'll send someone over there soon to turn it back on.
Me: No you'll send someone now. Like, someone had better be getting in their truck as we speak to come and turn my water back on. (sidenote: whatever you think about the truthiness of the rest of the conversation, THAT is exactly what I said).
Lady: Well, the guys are just now getting here and so....
Me: No, I want someone RIGHT NOW coming over to turn my water back on.
Lady: I hate you.
Me: I hate you more.

But you know what? I got my water back on. Soon. Turns out, Public Works came to replace our meter yesterday and never turned our water back on. So, I was on the phone with Public Works giving them a piece of my mind. It wasn't pretty. I told them I have a two year old and and eight month old ( that's right, I play that card whenever I need to ) and I also said that since I couldn't wash my face last night, any further breakouts would be blamed on them.

Monday, September 01, 2008