Friday, June 27, 2008

Hey all. 

It was my full intent to do a video blog tonight.  I even started recording it and then I realized I sounded like a massive loser.  But maybe soon.  I was all, "Der, uh...hey y'alls...huhuh."  Seriously I looked like something out of the Jeff Foxworthy play book.  

We leave for Houston tomorrow.  So if you see a haggard looking woman with two small children at the OKC airport, please be nice to us.  I'm sure there will be many people wanting to kill us.  I'm trying to set my expectation low so that I can be pleasantly surprised.  C and I have flown several times.  But this is the first time with both kids.  And did I mention I'm by myself?  Colin will be home alone for about five days.  He's completely eaten up about it.  I know he is going to miss us so much.  What will he do with all the free time and all the quiet?  You may want to check on him to make sure he isn't just SO depressed about our absence.  He has chores to do.  Have I mentioned that we're remodeling our master bath?  No?  Well, that's probably because I was concerned that our marriage wouldn't make it.  We got started on it, gung ho.  We ripped it down to the studs.  Even the ceiling was gone so we could raise it.  And then it sort of sat in that state for awhile.  A long while.  I kind of liked the statement it was making.  It said, "Armageddon is coming."  But we finally have a shower, walls, texture and paint.  So Colin has to finish it while I'm gone and out of his hair.  Otherwise he may have to find a new wife to share it with.   

Today was full of laundry and packing.  The low point was going through the trash looking for Kendall's shot record.  The garage trash.   Into which the vacuum canister had been emptied.  Go ahead and let your imagination wander.  But I found it.  Not in the garbage, mind you.  So good thing I searched it.  

Now lastly, I would like to discuss the TV issue.  I think we've found a happy medium.  We're at one movie and one show a day.  I feel like that's acceptable.  We went from one extreme to another and it was tough on everyone but I feel like it was worth it.  Cason has a very active imagination and I want him to stay that way without TV interfering (I say as he dumps his ENTIRE bin of farm toys on the floor).  

SO pray for happy babies tomorrow.  Pray for understanding passengers.  Pray for helpful employees.  Pray for good weather.  Pray that the Sonic at the OKC airport is still in business.  Pray for this mama...I'd like to keep what little I have left of my sanity.  

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Sometimes Photoshop makes me want to stab large pointy objects into my eyeballs.  

Ok, so we've sort of fallen of the wagon.  Cason has watched Cars today.  Possibly more than once.  But, I ask you, how am I supposed to take a shower?  If you have any ideas on the subject please let me know.  And your answer canNOT be "A shower, what's that?"  It also cannot be, "My kids are so well behaved (probably because we don't own a TV) that I fully trust them when I take a shower to play quietly with their learning toys or to read books to one another." It also cannot be, "I take a shower before they wake up."  It also cannot be, "I take a shower at the gym."  So other than THAT, if you have any suggestions, I'm open to it.  

Today, I was "working" (read: wasting time on the internet...hey I have to do something while Cason watches Cars) on the computer and listening to iTunes and the song that I walked down the aisle to came on.  Colin started making a gagging noise and said, "Change it!"  I said, "Hey! When I walked down the aisle to marry you, this song was playing."  He said, "Yeah, well, that's history."  

I've said it before and I'll say it again:

Hands off girls, he's mine.  

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Hey, Emily!  How's the no TV thing going?

Emily...we said, How's the no TV thing going?


Are you avoiding us?

What, me?  Oh yeah, the no tv thing.  Yesterday went great.  GREAT.  I was pleased as punch at myself for making the new ruling.  After asking several times to watch Cars (once he even said, "Cars pweeze my mama" I mean how friggin cute is that?  He NEVER calls me mama.  And "My Mama"?  C'mon!  But I was strong!  I said, "Let's go PLAY Cars."  And we did!  I know, give the Mom of the Year Award THIS MINUTE.) he sort of got the idea.  But today is a new day.  No cartoons this morning.  He didn't even ask.  But he did ask to watch Lady and the Tramp.  And I needed to clean the kitchen and take a shower.  So he's watching it as we speak.  But technically it's not TV because he's watching it on the laptop.  So there.  

But the tv watching has gone way down, and I'm happy about that.   

More updates to come.  

And I will have to tell you all about the new addition to our family.  I call him Big Steve.  The macbook is now Little Steve.  

Monday, June 23, 2008

I made a decision last night.  Cason isn't going to watch TV this week.  

I know.  Pick yourself up off the floor.  

It's not that I think there is anything wrong with TV.  I'm not one of  those people that looks down on TV watching...quite the opposite actually.  And it has taught him some valuable things.  Like counting.  And how to say, "I wish, I wish with all my heart, to fly with dragons in a land apart."  It's just been something I've been thinking about lately.  For a number of reasons, that I won't get into right now, I'm cutting him off from the TV, Monday through Friday of this week.  No movies, no shows.  It's already been somewhat of a struggle this morning.  I'll let you know how it goes.  

Don't forget the iPod game is still going on.  Lots of great prizes to be won.  Just kidding.  Not really.  But you DO win my ever loving affection.  THAT should be prize enough.  

Sunday, June 22, 2008

In celebration of me adding my 900th song to my iPod library, I thought we would play a game. I'm going to put it on shuffle and list the first line of the first ten songs that come up. If you know what the song is, leave a comment. If you're right, I'll take it off bold print. Now we just have to hope that the first ten songs that come up aren't really embarrassing. I suppose we're on the honors system, but I will do the FIRST TEN!
Dear God: Please don't let the embarrassing songs come up. And be with the pygmies in Africa. Amen.

1. "If tomorrow is judgment day, and I'm standing on the front line, and The Lord asks me what I did with my life, I will say, I spent it with you."

2. "As he came into the window, It was the sound of a crescendo" - Smooth Criminal, Michael Jackson version

3. "Let me take you down, cuz I'm going down to strawberry fields" - Strawberry Fields, Beatles

4. " I remember the windows rolled down and the wind in my hair. Drivin' round in your daddy's old Chevy like we were goin somewhere."

5. "When you feel it in your body, you found somebody who makes you change your ways, like hangin witch your crew" - You Got it Bad, Usher

Okay, that one was kind of embarrassing.

6. "No I can't forget this evening, or your face as you were leaving. But I guess that's just the way the story goes." - Can't Live (if living is without you), Mariah Carey version

7. "I don't get many things right the first time, in fact I am told that a lot."  - The Luckiest, Ben Folds

8. "I've seen a love to roll like thunder. I've seen a love fall like rain."

9. "I hate to see you cry, lying there in that position. There's things you need to hear, so turn off your tears and listen."

If you know the name of that song, I promise I did not plan that.

10. "There's a new wind blowin like I've never known. I'm breathing deeper than I've ever done."  - Somebody Like You, Keith Urban

Ok, well there they are. And those aren't too embarrassing. I mean, it could have been something like "Gangsta's Paradise." I mean, uh, not that I have that or anything, like, you know, cuz, uh, that would be dumb. Yeah. So, tell me if you know. And if you enjoyed this, you should do it on your blog, so I can feel confident in the knowledge that other people have embarrassing songs too.

ETA:  Ok, you really can't tell the difference between bold print and non bold print so I'll change the color or something of ones that have been correctly identified.  

Friday, June 20, 2008

Hold on.  

I need to get out my soapbox and dust it off.  

That's right.  I'm back, baby.  Ornery and opinionated as ever.  

And all it took was this.  

I'm so glad that this is what our congress has decided to spend time doing.  Not dealing with oil prices.  Not dealing with how oil prices are going to impact the average family.  Not dealing with how we need to drill and cut taxes to help the average family.  Not dealing with helping flood victims in Iowa, Missouri, etc.  No, no.  Congress is dealing with what's IMPORTANT, y'all!  Can you denote the sarcasm?  I'm so glad that we have elected officials who take 35% of our money to conduct completely pointless hearings on the important issues of the day.  I think I'm going to have a hearing and demand that THEY all come and answer my question about what exactly they do with our money and why they are all think they know better than the American public.  Oh, wait.  I guess our public officals are getting involved in SOME important issues, like this.   My favorite quote from that last article is when Sen. Arlen Specter said congress would not hold hearings because "we've got too many other big problems to deal with."  Uh, ya think?   

Wow.  I feel better.  It's good to be back.  

And those of you here for the darn kids, Kendall is six months old today.  She is 26 inches and 14 pounds, 5 ounces.  She small but hearty.  And we're pretty sure 1/3 of her body weight is in her hair.  Here are some pictures of our six month beauty:

Question: When does baby chub stop being so cute?

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I'm in a major blogging funk lately.  Like, it's serious y'all.  I've had three different posts going that I have deleted.  Because I'm just blah-ish.  

Hopefully I'll get out of it soon because I miss having stuff to write about.  Although that's kind of loaded, because saying I want stuff to write about is sort of like asking for patience.  You know, if you ask for it, you'll be given the opportunity to practice it.  So by saying I have nothing to blog about is asking for Cason to throw a knock down drag out temper tantrum in Target or something.  

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Hello, my name is Emily and I'm obsessed with Celebrity Baby Blog.  

"Hello Emily."  

Today, from that site, I read this story (wow! the ny times actually had a POSITIVE story!)  What a great story to have read on father's day to remind us of the love that our parents feel for us. 

Happy Father's Day to everyone... tell your guys you love 'em.  

Tomorrow we will be back to your regularly scheduled poop stories.  

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

1.  This morning, I was getting ready to leave to go to our summer women's bible study (that's right, I study bible).  Cason came and asked me, "Gonna go eat?"  Ok, so we may be eating out a little too much lately.  

2.  Can I tell you something that annoys me?  It annoys me when I am putting the kids in the car and there is someone who is waiting on my spot.  Can they not see I have two kids to get into car seats?  And probably a load of groceries to put in too.  And possibly a box of diapers.  And they end up blocking traffic so other people have to wait or go around them.  I can't work under that pressure!  Leave me alone!  

And now for something completely different:

Monday, June 09, 2008

I realize that the ol' blog is maybe not the most appropriate place to discuss obstetrical/gynecological news (you didn't think I knew big words, did ya? Huh?) based on the fact that I don't want certain people to read about my -ahem-parts (Hi Grandma!) (I'm actually kidding about my grandma...she's really cool and I could talk to her about my parts if I needed to). All that to say...Guess what I did today? The Annual Well Woman Exam! Yay for cold steel instruments and uncomfortable pauses! I dreaded it. I actually thought long and hard about calling and rescheduling for, uh, the never of next month. Why? Well, if you must know, since July of 2005, I have been either pregnant with someone or nursing someone (except for those blissful 5 weeks before I knew I was preggo with Kendall...when I didn't even think it was a possibility....when I carelessly took dangerous medications and loaded up on caffeine, soft cheeses and hot dogs galore...but THAT whole situation is another post for another day), so I get kind of sick of having my said parts exposed. But I soldiered on. And it took all of about five seconds into the exam to decide I am DEFINITELY done having kids. Colin's done having kids too, so it works out nicely.

Tonight, Colin surprised me by taking me to dinner here. If you live in Tulsa, Omaha or OKC, you should definitely go if you happen to have an extra thousand bucks sitting around one night, because it's expensive. No, silly, we had a gift card. I definitely recommend getting the dessert called "something chocolate." It may be quite possibly the best thing ever invented in the culinary history of the world. And I'm not overstating. It comes with a side of berries. NOT dessert. But tonight was my last hurrah, if you will. I've got baby weight to lose. I lost 20 pounds before I found out I was pregnant with Cason, so I know I can do it. I just hate HATE HATE to work out (sorry elizabeth). I would rather do almost anything than work out...including a well woman exam.

Friday, June 06, 2008

So I was tagged.  I'm trying to think if I've done this one before and I don't think I have SO here's goes:

1. What were you doing 10 years ago?
Let's see, ten years ago was 1998.  I had just finished my junior year of high school.  I knew EVERYTHING.  I was probably getting into some sort of shenanigans with this girl.  I had a car and oooh boy, the world was my oyster.  Oh, my.  I was a stupid.  

2.  Five items on today's to do list:
- Work out (check...with much weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth)
- Clean kitchen (no...grrrr...actually this should read, "Make husband clean kitchen")
-Buy diapers (check. You really can't put that off.)
-Email Jess (done daily)
-fold laundry (That's NEVER done)

3. Favorite Snacks:
Anything unhealthy pretty much.  I heart me some junk food.

4.  What would you do if you were a billionaire?
Pretty much what I'm doing right now.  Except with a bigger house and new car.  And a maid.  And a chef.  And a hair dresser.  And a make up artist.  And a stylist.  And a personal trainer.  And a nutritionist.  And a private jet. And a chocolatier.  And a pastry chef (would that conflict with the nutritionist?).  But not a nanny.  Ok, I would hire someone to change diapers.  Is that even a job?  I bet J.Lo has one.   What was I talking about?  Oh, yeah.  Money.  

5. Where would you live?
What?  Why I would live right here in the good ol' metropolis of OKC of course?  Why would I EVER want to leave?

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Well folks, your lovely neighborhood blogger celebrated her birthday today. I turned 27, which as my dad pointed out is on the downhill slide to 30. I'm no Oprah, but I like to celebrate in style, which usually involves people giving you a half-hearted,"Happy Birthday," but whatev. I've noticed that many people (myself included) post their child's stats on his or her birthday so I thought I would do the same for myself:

Height: 5'9"
Weight: 107 lbs.


Anyway, I started the celebration early on Saturday by going with my mother in law to ULTA and picking out a freakin awesome flat iron. See, I have this weird wave thing in my hair, and it keeps getting worse and, well, you don't care; but just know that hopefully that will now be gone. Then we went to lunch at Panera (I know you're thinking, "Is she always at Panera?" and the answer is, "About as much as I'm at Target.") where I got this sucka:

That's right folks. I finally broke the code and got a big ol' Ice Tea. I said, " I want a large drink," and the guy handed me the styrofoam cup and I threw it at him and got in his face. Not really. But I did hand it back to him and said,"No, I want a big plastic cup." To which my MIL said,"Hey, you can get a drink that size here?" And I was all, "Yeah. But you'd have better luck trying to get Ashlee Simpson to admit she's pregnant." And that's the end of that story. I know you're all bursting with glee thinking, "How can her birthday be any more exciting that THIS?!"

I got lots of moola and lots of giftcards. And Colin got me Photoshop, which I am very pumped about. Except for the fact that I have no idea what I'm doing. I'm all, "Der! Look I made the picture black and white!" Which I could do before in iPhoto. Suggestions? Are there any good tutorials out there? I just want to utilize it to the full potential.

I also got a wonderful surprise from my good friend, Stace. Let me tell you what kind of friend I am. I'm the kind that gives the half-hearted, "Happy Birthday...(see above)." Neat, huh? Don't you want to be my friend? Stacy is the kind of friend that sends you a card with a Gap Giftcard with the express directions to NOT spend it at Baby Gap. Not only that but she remembered all of this while she was wrapped up thinking about a vacation in Antigua! And the card was here TWO DAYS before my birthday. Everyone should go out and find them a Stacy RIGHT NOW.

So today, we went to lunch at Charleston's. That was not my original idea but on the prompting of a friend, who described possibly The World's Most Choclately Dessert, that's where we ended up. My brother in law said that only I would pick a place to eat based solely on dessert. Speaking of the BIL:

Here he is with Cason. They're both currently single. But you're not allowed to date my son, so focus on BIL. If you're into the rugged-cowboy-redhead type and are a female who is single , you may be considered for the SIL opening. He'l kill me for writing that. BIL made me wait until the end of the day for my present because, well, I don't know. We just like to pester each other.

Cason is building me a present. I will tell you that these photos were in no way staged by me. He put all of that together himself. My hope is that if he ever works with a real miter saw, he'll wear pants.

Wait, what were those measurements again?

And let's be honest. We know where these pictures are going to end up. In some graduation slide show presentation in 16 years.

My only complaint for the day was my dessert at Charleston's had too many nuts and I hets me some peanuts.