Friday, November 07, 2008

Guess what's hanging in Kendall's closet right now? She's now the proud owner of the brown velvet bodice dress from Gymboree. A big thanks to all those who sent me 30% off coupons to use. I mean, I went back and forth on whether or not I should get it for her and she really wanted it. The girl begged for it. She told me that Reese and Lainey would have new holiday dresses and she just couldn't bear to show her face in public if she didn't have this dress. And I'm nothing if I'm not a crowd follower. The MIL and I went shopping today (side note: my MIL should have quit her job a long time ago. We're having a blast.). At the first store we went to, at Mall That I Love, they didn't have the dress in Kendall's size. So they called Mall That I Hate Because It's Full Of Teenage Emos and Gangsters and they had one and held it for us. Next up will be Cason's Holiday Outfit. I'll let you know how it goes. I know all of you will be sitting up at night dying to know the latest.

You may think I haven't posted since Tuesday because I have been depressed about the election results. Not true! I was with the large amount of republicans who has spent the past two days rioting in the streets over the results. Just kidding, but wouldn't that be a funny notion?
No, I've done other things besides rioting. I looked up two books on Amazon and thought, "I just don't even have the energy right now." I got a new vacuum cleaner that I'm loving. It goes over bare floor as well, which I have mixed feelings about. I think I can sweep faster but the vacuum picks up more stuff. It's a dilemma that one day my cleaning lady can figure out. Other things I have been doing include trying to figure out if 7 eleven or braum's has the best hot chocolate, wondering why in the world someone in our neighborhood has their Christmas lights up already and trying to figure out what was going though Michelle Obama's head on this one:

I'm going to set partisan politcs aside and go ahead and say what we're all thinking, "What the heck, Michelle?" Although I must say, I am digging Malia's (or is that Sasha) age appropriate bubble dress. Pay attention Hollywood. This is who should be wearing a bubble dress. I'm looking at you Naomi Campbell.


mydogumentary said...

Did you see what the original dress looked like? Just go to google and type in "Michelle Obama Election Dress" and there should be a runway picture. So much better than what she wore--puke! But your little girl's dress--oh mygoodness so cute!

Jen said...

Yay on the dress! How many 30% off coupons did you get? I thought I was being thoughtful and original! The other questions...Braum's (really Starbucks), because they are smarter than your husband who will be freezing his hinnie off putting up you lights, and she was thinking that she is trendier than she is. Also, I heard a radio host talking about how the media is hoping that she brings back the bare arm. It is gonna be a long 4 years.

Melanie said...

I am so happy that you decided to get the dress..a) b/c sometimes you should just give into the temptation known as little girl clothes, and b) now Kendall can feel like she "belongs" when she hangs with Reese, cause she was right about her having a holiday dress. Believe me when I say, it is poofy.

also known as shell said...

dang I need to get that dress for kate now. its really really cute. to bad kate doesn't have kendall's coloring. I don't think it will work on her as well as it will on kendall.

Cheri (aka "The Mom Lady") said...

Man, if I wore that dress (Ms. Obama's - NOT Kendalls - for the record...) I would look as if I was 18 months pregnant! She looks about 6 months in it as it is. If we're going to be stuck with them for 4 years and they are likening them to the Kennedy's, the LEAST she could do is dress more like Jackie did - now, politics aside, Jackie was a class act (which is about all you can be when you're married to The Institution Of Bad Boys).

Glad you succumbed to overwhelming pressure to buy the Gymboree dress. Like I've said before, between my Gymboree and Janie & Jack purchases for grandkids, Mike can never retire. But the kids look GREAT!

Vanessa said...

Can I just say that I love Kendall's dress, and I am so glad I am having a boy!! I am so indecisive and I would have such a hard time matching dress to bow to tights to shoes. Atleast with the first one I can just get the parenting down, maybe with the next one I will be ready to make those tough decisions.

On another note, Marti quit her job? I haven't talked to her in forever. Did she retire this year?

Jessica said...

I would like to see you in a matching dress for holiday pictures!

Seriously, I'm in love with that dress. As Vnessa said, thank goodness for boys! I'd be in trouble otherwise.

And you know my thoughts on Michelle's dress. It's disturbing, especially when some are calling them the new Kennedy's. Jackie would not wear anything like that!

(although I do like Michelle because she buys from my fave stor White House/Black Market and J. Crew!)

Daniele said...

That dress is adorable! My husband keeps telling me if we had girls he would have to get a second job, to think when we got married he wanted to have four girls!

Not to sure about that dress that Michelle Obama wore. I personally thought what in the world is that?