Saturday, November 01, 2008

Ok, since when did Halloween become the new Christmas? My kids had AT LEAST one Halloween party/activity everyday this week. Because of that, we decided not to go trick-or-treating. But we were invited to go with some good friends that have a son Cason's age so we decided to go. About 15 minutes before we left, both kids were having a massive meltdown that left us questioning not only our decision to go trick or treating but our decision to become parents in the first place.

I didn't get a Halloween costume for Kendall. I mean, a) we spent a lot of money on Cason's costume b) she's ten months old c)she's not the firstborn and she has to get used to getting the shaft at some point. Apparently when people find out that you are not dressing up your daughter, they go mad and give you costumes. A tactic to try in coming years.... At any rate, in the span of 12 hours Kendall went from having zero costumes to having 3 costumes. So we had a fashion show...

Up first is the pumpkin. Cute. She had a good time in this outfit.

But it wasn't so easy to crawl in. A must for a modern girl.

Next up is the ladybug. I'm pretty sure that if she were old enough, she would be flipping me off here:

The clear winner is the fairy princess. Just look at our little beauty. Thanks Jenny and Kennedy!

My little race car driver: Isn't he handsome?

At the first house we went trick or treating at, Cason went to the door and said, "Twiko Tweet!" (trick or treat) and after they handed him the candy, he proceeded to walk into their house. I guess he thought any house that gave out candy at the door is a good place to be.


Ginny said...

I love a good fashion show...espcially ones with Halloween costumes!

Melanie said...

Reese did the same thing at the first house, just walked right in. It was in true "Reese" fashion too. We had to go fish her out while she was climbing a dining room chair. So embarrasing!

mydogumentary said...

I love the pumpkin costume! Although it appears she did not. Your kids are precious! :)

Daniele said...

Love the costumes, especially Lightening McQueen, which is what Eli was this year. Going right in must be a little known fact among kids, Eli did the same thing last year. Glad everyone had fun!!

not so zen momma said...

Too cute! Van walked into all the houses too.