Sunday, November 09, 2008

Daniele tagged me to talk about my husband. I know that he doesn't always get the best wrap on the blog, but really, the guy is a hoot. My friend Jen told me one day she always wonders how in the world we ended up together but that it really makes total sense. And it's really true. Seemingly, we're complete opposites. But we make it work through laughter, prayer and a lot of anti-depressants. I'm proud to say that he had a wonderful moral character when we got married, but I have brought him down to my level. It wasn't easy but I perservered. It's one of my finer achievements in life.

Here is my hot baseball husband. He's a great coach and has achieved more before his 30th birthday than most coaches do in their entire career.

He's doing all he can to insure that Cardinal mania continues down through the generations.

A rare family photo. No comments about my fat face. I was nine months pregnant. Ok, six months.

Look at us! We look like babies!

And with the DNA to produce children this beautiful, who wouldn't want to marry him?

I married my best friend. I'm not sure I could have said that and meant it the first year or so of our marriage. But now I know what it's like to wake up next to your BFF everyday (and a two year old). This was kind of cool to talk about the husband. I'm going to tag lots of people for this one...Let's see....Jen, Jenny Brewton, Cheri, Jess, Melanie, Sara, Liz, Brooke, Angela, Ginny, and anyone else who wants to...I want to see your husband posts very soon!


mydogumentary said...

Do you have to write a NICE blog post about him? Or can it be about how he's been playing a PS3 WRESTLING game all day today? It will have to wait til after he redeems himself! :) But it sounds like you got a good one! haha
By the way--I just have to say I'm so happy you allow me to comment! A lot of the fellow E-town bloggers have anonymous comments turned OFF so I can't ever comment and I'm way to lazy to email!

Jessica said...

What a good guy!

You didn't even talk about all the great things he builds for you...that's pretty amazing!

I have a very nice post about my husband coming...