Monday, February 11, 2008

IMPORTANT NEWS BREAK: We made it exactly 702 days in the life of Cason W. without a trip to the ER. Which is pretty amazing considering how careless, I mean -uh- accident prone , we are. Now we have to start over at 1 day. Crap.

And the injury occurred at church, of all places. Case was about to fall down the stairs and Colin grabbed him by the arm. It wasn't until much weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth (literally) along with Cason pointing at his arm saying, "Ow mom, Ow!" (which, might I add, how heartbreaking is that?) and looking at his limp, lifeless arm that we decided to head to the ER (sans Kendall because I am NOT taking my seven week old to the ER with heaven-only-knows-what germs floating around - but not to worry we left her here in her crib by herself(ok, kidding, totally kidding)).

Ah, the ER at 8:00 on a Sunday night in downtown OKC. Fun times to be had by all. We have been to that ER twice before - once for me and once for Colin (I'll spare you the details of those visits) and no one has been in the waiting room. But last night it was a mecca of sick, snotty, vomitty, smelly individuals. There was a large flat screen TV and do you know what was on? Jeepers Creepers. In an ER! What?!

There was one lady there cracking me up. She was outside smoking when we came in. But she followed us in to tell us what a pretty little boy we had. And then she proceeded to sit and stare at him. And I, for some reason, couldn't help but to stare at her. She was missing all her teeth. It was sort of like watching Britney Spears or something. I couldn't look away.

We got Cason a Pop Tart out of the vending machine and I was secretly hoping he wouldn't want it so I would be "forced" to eat it because we hadn't eaten dinner. But no luck.

I don't know if it was because the triage nurse felt sorry for Cason or if she wanted him out of the waiting room because he was screaming ( I really mean that) constantly but she put us at the front of the line and when we got called after being there for only a few minutes, my toothless friend went over to a security guard to ask why she had been there three hours and no one had called her yet but we got right through. I told Girlfriend, "Don't hate, appreciate." Apparently Girlfriend was under the impression that the guard had some standing in choosing who got in first.

When the doctor came in to see Cason, she took one look at him and said, "It's nursemaid elbow." You can read more about the condition here. It's basically a dislocated elbow. So she popped it back into place while Colin and a resident held him down. Ok, if you thought, "Ow, mom, ow" was heartbreaking, watching your child scream bloody murder while having his arm twisted and twisted and being held down is worse. The resident practically had to have a heart to heart therapy session with me. But instantly, and I mean instantly, Cason was fine. His arm was fine, he was using it (and by "using it" I mean pushing the rolling doctor's chair all over the place) and in a good mood. They did some x rays to be sure and he loved that. Unfortunately, I can't convince the insurance company that we have a need for one at the house so he's out of luck there.

When we left, Girlfriend was still waiting and Jeepers Creepers was still on.

Last night when we got home Cason was pretty much allowed to do whatever he wanted so it's back to business as usual.


Jessica said...

Oh, crazy! How often can you really use "don't hate, appreciate" in it's true context?

So glad Cason is ok. And I bet Kendall had more fun staying home by herself like a big girl than she ever has with her parents hanging around all the time!

Audrey said...

Yikes! Glad things are all better now. Aren't you thankful you didn't need a cast or something? That would stink.

Aubrey said...

I'm glad that Cason is all taken care of! Poor baby!

Sounds like quite the experience!!

ChandraJoy said...

Poor guy! I'm glad he is ok!

Elizabeth said...

Oh! I love Pop-Tarts! Especially when they're cold and when I get to break them apart and save the non-iced edges for last; cause that's the best part.

Oh, I mean - glad to hear the kid is okay. : )