Thursday, February 07, 2008

I thought for Valentine's Day, I would write a series of letters to all my little Valentines. Here's the first...


Dear Target,
Oh, how much I love you. I love to go and bask in the glory of buying a cute baby outfit, picture frame and two pounds of cookie dough all in the same place. And that place not being Wal-Mart.
Target, you understand me. You get me. You know my needs better than I myself do. Who knew that I needed Deceptively Delicious? You did. Who knew I needed a new pair of "I'm in between sizes because I just had a baby and don't want to spend $60 at Gap because I'm hoping not to wear them that long" pair of jeans? You did, Target. You did. And I love you for it.

Yours Truly,

PS Your return policy has got to go, I might add. Just a suggestion, my love.


Elizabeth said...

Man, I love Target! You forgot to mention the Starbucks IN the Target. And the $1 section too. Although, I do get a little annoyed that they like to throw in $2.50 stuff too. I agree, their stickler returns policy needs to be yanked.

Jessica said...

I love Target. I really love their Global Bazaar stuff they have right now. It's just fun to look!

Shellie said...

Okay you are like the funniest coolest chick I've ever met. I've just read your first page of blogs and laughed so hard! You are an instant add!