Friday, December 28, 2007

...Today was a very good day (to quote Ice Cube).  I realized that I could get out of the shower and wrap a towel totally around my body without a large stomach getting in the way.  

In other news, we had a wonderful Christmas filled with over eating and over gifting.  It's great getting presents (giving is over-rated)  but it's better when your kids gets gifts.  Cason got mass amounts of clothes and toys.  I mean, I thought last year was crazy but this year, it was really something to behold.  He was showered with all kinds of goodies.  Not the least of which was a TMX Elmo, a John Deer Farm set, and a Black and Decker Kiddie Jigsaw set (that came with kiddie safety goggles that Cason himself will not wear but he has no problem putting them on his baby sister).  

We have lots of pictures but I haven' t put them on the computer but I'll post some when I do.  

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Don't let the smile fool you.  I'm really thinking, "Good Gosh.  What have I done?"

"Wait, I am still the center of attention right? "

"Yep.  I AM still the center of attention."  

Kendall loves hairbows already.  

Here she is in her "going home" bonnet.  And yes, there is a hairbow under there.  Shut up. 

We're at home now.  We drove home in Winter Storm 2007 Part Deux.  There was a small (large) part of me that was convinced we would have no power when we got home but we did.  Yay for electricity.   

Thursday, December 20, 2007

"And that is a crazy lady." (quote from Nacho Libre)

Cason wasn't impressed by the days events.

I'm not sure who she looks like.  Thoughts?  

Kendall Avery made her grand entrance today at 3:56 pm.  Approximately.  She weighed in at 7 LBees and 2oz and was 20.5 inches.  So longer and heftier than her brother was.  She has some seriously long fingers so maybe she'll play basketball.  Or play the piano.  We're open minded.  She does NOT have red hair.  She has a head full of brown hair.  Our day (night) started with an Ambien for me and the world's most uncomfortable chair for Colin.  I was going to say Life's Not Fair but considering what I've been through, I think the World's Most Uncomfortable Chair is not that big of a deal.  Any rate, this was the start of several drugs that put me in a drunken stupor and had me doing things like asking Colin if he had any brothers or sisters.  And then there was the nurse who asked my if I smoked during most of my pregnancy because the umbilical cord was so small. After she was born, they took her to the NICU because she wasn't breathing well.  She showed the nurse that she could breathe properly though and got to come hang out with us.  Fun times to be had by all.  But we left the WMUC (World's Most Uncomfortable....) and went to a new room where Colin has a nice big over stuffed recliner.  You know, the kind you really don't want in your house but you're always glad when someone else has one.  Enjoy the pics!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

"Let there be light," and there was light. And heat. And cable TV. And internet access. Although I'm quite sure the Book of Genesis doesn't mention the last three of those. Anyway, for all of those afraid to ask me if we have power (seriously I had five people tell me they were too scared to ask guys are so funny....I'm not that scary) the answer is YES. At about 11:30 today we got power back. For those counting that's eleven days. Without power. Eleven Days. No Power. Not that we were living here mind you. We were actually in quite comfortable living conditions.

Anyway, thank you all for the mass amounts of emails, phone calls, comments, and offers of help. I know you all really meant it, Internet. And the plus side is that I can be friends again with all of you that have power. Liz, you don't have to feel guilty anymore.

But no rest for the weary! We go to the hospital tonight to have a baby. Wish us least we get to come back home to our house! My doctor told me that he thought she was at least a pound bigger than Cason. Of course. Cason is so skinny his pants don't stay up and my daughter will be a chunky monkey.

And on one final note: If I hear an environmentalist tell me to turn out a light when I leave the room, I will hit him or her. I'm just saying.

Monday, December 17, 2007

You didn't think by that title that we had power did you? You are so silly. Well, even though our power has been off an astouding nine days now, there are still things that make me happy. Here are a few:

1. Renting a Christian Bale movie. And then seeing a preview for his new movie.

2. I haven't done dishes, cooked or cleaned in over a week.

3. Since we've been at my in laws, Cason's vocabulary has like doubled. When he stays with them while we're at the hospital I'm fully expecting him to come back to me potty trained.

4. Colin and I have both been in The Oklahoman this week. Colin got Coach of the Year (although he would be highly embarassed if he knew that I told you that) and I wrote a letter to them about (what else) not having power and they used it in an article.

5. Roger Clemens was listed in the Mitchell Report. That made me happy. Because I don't like him. So there.

6. The generousity showed to us by our friends and family has been overwhelming. Although maybe our friends are just saying it because they think we won't take them up on it.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Ok, update:  We still have no power.  We talked to the OG&E guys today and I hate them.  I mean I really hate them.  I'm going to demand that they write me a check for 1/4 of my mortgage payment since I haven't been able to stay at my house.  And if you think I'm kidding about that, you're wrong.  

Melody, this is so not fair.  I think we need to go for some retail therapy soon.  

Anyway, here is our life, in numbers, since we lost power five days ago.  

Number of 
Times Cason has eaten Poptarts for dinner: 1
Times Cason has eaten Goldfish for a meal: 2
Days Cason has missed a nap: 3
Days Cason wore the same socks in a row: 2 days
Times Cason wore a pajama shirt as a regular shirt: 1
Times Cason has woke me up in the middle of the night laying on me:  14
Days Cason has gone to bed after 10 pm: 3
Days Cason has had diarrhea: 1
Days I have gone without eyeliner (it's a big deal, trust me): four
Days in a row I have worn tennis shoes: five
Days in a row I have not worn jewelry: four
Christmas parties I have been two without eyeliner, jewelry and wearing tennis shoes: 1
Times I have wanted to kill Colin: 0 amazingly
Times I have wanted to kill someone from OG&E: 418
Posts I have seen labeled 'Ice Ice Baby': 3
Times I have got 'Ice Ice Baby' in my head: 17
Things we were able to salvage from our fridge: 2 (apples and mustard)
Times I have secretly cussed out people with power: 34
Times I have listened to people complain about something seriously inconsequential and thought, "I don't have power, you idiot!" : 4
People I know personally still without power, outside of my neighborhood: 2
Days OG&E said it would be before we got power: Hahahahahahaha...whooo...that was funny
Teeth the OG&E man was missing: at least 2, possibly three
OG&E men (or women) we have seen in our neighborhood: 0...explain that one to me...
Times I have turned on the lights in our house out of habit: 46
Hours we have spent in our house since Sunday: 2 approx.
Dollars we spent on Cason today buying things because we had nothing else to do: 56
Times I have heard, "What?!  You STILL don't have power?": 22
Times I expect to hear it again: 36
Days until I have a baby: 6
Things we need to do before she's born: 512
The percentage that we will get those things done:  8
Christmas Cards that we have received since this began, showing happy loving people with power: 2 (and I love both of them)
Times I have SERIOUSLY questioned the Amish: 87

And I should add one more:
Times we have been thankful for wonderful, hospitable family and friends:  Too many to name

Don't think I'm ending this all warm and fuzzy though....I'm coming for you OG&E.
 Together we can make a difference.  In my electricity situation.  

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

So I thought I would too. Let's all trade war stories from (cue dramatic background music) Ice Storm 2007 (insert dorky graphic here) or the first Ice Storm of this Winter as Colin corrects everytime. Seriously, Internet Faithful, I have missed you.

Contest Time!
So I thought it would be fun to see who has had power out the longest. Our neighborhood has been out for awhile. For some reason, there is like a four block radius where we live that if someone farts too loud, we lose power. So we lost power Sunday afternoon. While we were the store. Buying mass amounts of refigerated products. Any guesses on how long it was out? You are all wrong. Because it is STILL out. That's right, 48 hours and counting. So how am I writing this? On my in laws computer. So if you have been without power longer than 48 hours and somehow have internet access, let me know and you win! The prize is a refigerator full of spoiled food.

Picture Time!
Ok, not really. We have taken several pictures but since we have no access to our home computer, you can't see them yet. We took some pictures of our street. Apparently, our street looks really crazy because today when we were packing up (for the third time in three days), a team was driving through to survey. I don't know who they were but there were five white SUVS all in a row. It looks like a war zone or something.

But no worries! We have beautiful friends and family that have power and have been taking great care of us. And making great food for us. Which is good because eating out three meals a day gets old after awhile. Especially when one of those meals is at McDonalds and there are like 90 people there who also don't have power and the guy at the front of the line is cussing out the workers for his mistake. Fun times to be had by all.

I told Colin the only thing that would nake the experience more memorable was if I went into labor. Oh, Good Gosh. I better not even joke about that.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

I know, I know. I said I wouldn't post any belly pics but when I took this photo, I couldn't resist showing it to all my Internet Faithful.


By the way, I am currently loving my boyfriend's new song. If you haven't checked out his new song, "Say" I highly suggest listening to it. And downloading it. And calling everyone you know to tell them about the new song. And then blogging about it. And then vow to see the movie it's from even though you may not be totally interested in it and will have a five day old baby when it comes out. I'm just sayin' might want to do that. Or whatev.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Well, Kendall got her eviction notice today. We're inducing the 20th, if all goes according to plan and she doesn't come before then. The due date is the 29th but I don't want to be in the hospital on Christmas and Colin certainly doesn't want to be in the hospital during bowl season. Cason was born at 37 weeks which I'll hit on Saturday so the next two weeks will be new territory for me. Am I looking forward to it? Uh, no. So, Kendall: You don't have to go home but you can't stay here.

We took Cason to the zoo today. And like the good parents we are, we left the camera in the car. It was one of the last times we'll have an outing with just Cason. It kind of makes me sad for him because he certainly didn't ask for his world to be turned upside down. And then it makes me think what it's like to be the second born. You never had your parents to yourself. You're born into sharing and used items. Kendall will be the only non-first born in our immediate family. I think about the way that I treated my little brother. I didn't so anything particularly mean to him (like one of my friends who I will not call out by name on this blog but who told his/her younger brother that there was a brother named Pete before him that didn't do what was asked of him so he was killed). But Adam's ideas were never as good as mine. Instead of playing X like he wanted, we would play Y, like I wanted. And he went along with it for the most part. Oh, he played the annoying brother part well at times though, please believe. But for the most part, he was my "back up singer" for lack of a better term. He was the supporting actor to my lead in most games...and happy to do so. Cason can be pretty bossy too, ask the dog (I don't know where he gets it from). So I'm sure he'll have no problem sharing his opinion with his sibling. And then there is the whole "older brother, younger sister" dynamic. Here is what I know about that: My sister in law has a scar above her eye from when she was a "test pilot" for Colin and Aaron's bike ramp.

So, here's to scars, back up singers, firstborns, last borns, and everyone in between. We all have one thing in common : We get to blame our parents for how we turned out.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

I know it's early as the Airing of Grievances is not supposed to take place until Family dinner on December 23rd but I may be in the hospital on December 23rd and I don't want to miss the chance to air said grievances. So here goes:

To stores at the mall geared toward people with small children (ie Baby Gap, Gymboree, and PB Kids): If you are going to sell to people who have young children, please make your stores STROLLER ACCESSIBLE.

To people who get bubbles or spit in his or her throat while talking: Please swallow your saliva.

To those who leisurely walk through the mall during the Holiday Season:  Please move.
And while we are on the subject of the mall, I would like for those working at a kiosk to leave me alone.  For Good. 

To the United States Postal Service:  I understand that the original item shipped to me was wrong, but the company corrected it and sent me the right item (even letting me keep the wrong one!).  However, you have disappointed me by not correctly updating your website to let me know where my package is and then by routing it to the wrong place.  This brought to you by the federal government...the same people some want in charge of your healthcare.  

To my stomach:  Were you upset about the recent post re: stretch marks?  You disappointed me by breaking out in a horrible, uncomfortable rash.  

To Les Miles:  I would prefer to never have to see your face again.  

That's all the grievances I need to air at the moment.  Perhaps next year, I'll start saving up my grievances all year round.  

On a different note, I watched my favorite Christmas movie yesterday.  Actually, I half-watched it.  I was busy looking at this...which I love.  Because it makes me feel woefully inadequate.