Wednesday, November 28, 2007

1. Life with Cason: It's the best of times. It's the worst of times.

2. Dancing With the Stars made me hate Marie Osmond. And Donnie Osmond. And Samantha Harris.

And the number 30.

And anything over 45 in a Baby Doll costume.

3. This and This make me cry. EVERY TIME.

4. My hands are swollen today.

5. It's because I ate Taco Bueno for lunch yesterday.

Monday, November 26, 2007

He's no John Legend yet...but he's working on it.

Well, our lives have officially changed. No, baby's not here yet, silly goose.

Cason comes up with a new word to say almost everyday at this point. But on Saturday, he uttered a word for the first time that made me want to rip my hair out. I was folding laundry and Cason came over and tried to undo all the folding I had done. I said no to him and looked down at the laundry. He saw his favorite blanket in the basket and pulled it out, looked at me and said one word that I'm quite sure will be said, yelled, etc. many more times at our house in the future.


Welcome to Toddlerhood. You may not get off the ride at any time, no matter how hard you are screaming, Mom.

Monday, November 19, 2007

I've started a new blog. I'm not going to unveil it for awhile needs work (Are you anxious yet?) and who knows if I'll actually have the energy to finish it.

Anyway, I'm at that pregnancy point where sweatpants are my bff. I practically live in them. Ok, not practically...more like actually. I've quit taking my prenatal vitamin. It was making me sick and making me feel like I was having a heart attack. But not to worry... I've replaced it with two extra strength Tylenol (rapid release!) for help with pain...although it doesn't help with pain. So now my nightly cocktail consists of 2-4 extra strength Gaviscon for heartburn and 2 Tylenol with a milk chaser...taken while I'm wearing sweatpants. Baby K's room is almost done. We need to hang stuff on the wall and that's pretty much it. Colin will hang the stuff but I'll boss him around on where they need to go.

It's weird because when I was at this stage of pregnancy with Cason (34 1/2 (hey the half is important!) weeks) I was on semi bed rest and going to the doctor twice a week. I had to take my blood pressure three times a day and it routinely ran 140/90 to 180/110. We were on a day by day basis as far as when Cason was coming. I made it to 37 weeks and we induced. I kind of thought it would be the same this time, but so far my BP has been down and everything is going great (except for that persistent butt pain...and oh yeah, being preg in general).

Since the writers are on strike in entertainment, you may not be getting your Daily Dose of Letterman's Top Ten. So, I compiled my own top ten....Here it is without further adieu:

The Top Ten Things You Should Never Complain About to a Pregnant Woman:

You should never complain that:
10. You couldn't sleep the night before.
9. You feel fat.
8. You got winded walking a long distance.
7. Your hair has just been "blah" lately.
6. You have to pee really bad.
5. You're hungry.
4. You hope you don't gain a lot of weight over the holidays.
3. You've lost so much weight recently, your clothes don't fit.
2. Someone is annoying you.
And finally, the number one thing you should never complain about to a pregnant woman is:
1. Time has been going slow for you during this pregnancy.

Friday, November 16, 2007

I've really been wanting to get out all of my Christmas decor for a while. I blame Hobby Lobby for putting me in that frame of mind. I asked Colin last week to get it out of the attic and he said it was too early. Then on Sunday when I realized Thanksgiving was NEXT WEEK, I said, "Since Thanksgiving is next week, I think I can get out my Christmas stuff...and by 'I', I mean you." He didn't go for it. What a stinkin Scrooge. Scrooge.....which reminds's time to watch my favorite holiday movie! There has been a previous post about it but I can't seem to find it. Oh wait! Here it is! And there may have been mention of the movie in approximately every post after that one for about a month.

I guess the problem is that this year we have a baby to get ready for. And then there is the problem of putting up the Christmas rather. That's the worst part every year, let's face it. It makes you loathe the Holiday season. And this year when I put it up, I will have a one and a half year old and a newborn and Colin to be dealing with. A one and a half year old. And a newborn. AND Colin. Sigh...maybe this year we'll just celebrate Festivus instead. I mean, the airing of grievances is always fun.

I wonder how many times I'll reference Festivus this year?

Monday, November 12, 2007

I have some cream to prevent, or fade, stretch marks. I read on the container that 90% of all women will get stretch marks at some point in their life. It left me wondering...Who the heck are the other 10%? Obviously, if I have the cream (which by the way doesn't work, Dr. Palmer Cocoa Butter), you may have gathered that I have the beloved scars.

I've been trying to make myself feel better about them lately. Colin said he can't even see them. That's because he's blind. Literally...without contacts or glasses he can't even see my face. Plus, he has to like me so he doesn't count.

It cracks me up when people say,"Yeah, but they fade." Ok, so in forty years I can bust out the bikini!

The only consolation that I have is that this is my last baby (Dear God: Did You hear that? Amen.) so no more stretch marks. Which is good because at this point I have what resembles a road map of downtown Chicago on my stomach and the only place they have to go would be my face and I KNOW Colin would notice that. And if my kids EVER say anything about my body, don't think I won't remind them of who made it that way.

What? You want to see a picture? You're so funny.

Friday, November 09, 2007

After seeing everything...I was SO glad we picked a name before the shower!

If you ever have a shower, you definitely want these two involved!

Whose that fat chick holding up the cute baby dress?

Quite possibly the cutest gift basket of all time.

On Sunday, my wonderful and beautiful friends hosted a baby shower for, well, I was going to say me but it was more for Kendall. She got a lot of adorable things to decorate her room with, cute things to wear and lots and lots of hair bows. I'm pretty sure I need to go into a hair bow recovery program or something.

After the shower and seeing everything my thoughts on having two children go between excitement and sheer terror.
Dressing a girl - exciting
Going to the grocery store - sheer terror
Hair Bows - exciting
Feeding time - sheer terror
Holding a newborn - exciting
Holding a newborn and a one and a half year old at the same time while they both scream their heads off- sheer terror

Oh well, I guess if Britney Spears can do it I can too! There's another for you Jess!

Monday, November 05, 2007

Hey, can you guess who forgot to set their clock back on Saturday night? If you said Cason, you're right. Two days in a row of a 6:30 am wake up call. Good times to be had by all. He usually goes down for a nap at 1:00 and I had thought that I would put him down today at 12:30 as like a compromise of sorts. At 12:00 on the nose, he fell asleep while eating lunch, with a cracker in his hand. Sometimes I fall asleep at noon too...but instead of a cracker in my hand I usually have a stiff drink. Ha...totally kidding.

Hey, guess what else? Halloween is so over...hallelujah. I've been reading other's blogs talking about how they LOOOVE Halloween and such. It's not that I have a problem with that at all, let's just say this year at our house, it was not so much fun. Cason hated, HATED his costume. His cowboy pants were too stiff or something. We were supposed to attend a church carnival but the pants created too much of an issue so we went to Hideaway Pizza instead. Cason insisted on only wearing his shirt and diaper (and nothing else mind you) into the restaurant and we just don't care anymore so whatev. That is totally one of those things that before I had a kid, if I had seen a toddler at a restaurant wearing only a shirt and a diaper, I would have flipped and said, "My kid will NEVER do that." Hmmm, I was stupid. Anyway, on October 31st, we were having our house exterminated and we were at church so no one got any candy from us this year...which is a shame because I give good candy. One group did come to the door while I was there and I told them I didn't have any candy...and I didn't feel bad about it because they were old. And if you're old enough to buy your own beer, you're old enough to buy your own candy ( I totally stole that joke....wait, no! ignore that....think I'm funny and clever!).

Stay posted for shower pics and a story about the beginnings of sibling rivalry!

Friday, November 02, 2007

Newly released court papers reveal Britney Spears' spending habits. She earns about $737,000 a month. She spends about $102,000 on entertainment, $16, 000 on clothes (I hope she saved the receipts of some of those outfits) and almost $5,000 eating out (she really hates to cook y'all). That's per month. Since I recently gave 99 cents to the Britney Cause by downloading her new single, I feel like I can comment to her on her financial status.

Dear BritBrit:
I had no idea we were living such similar life styles.