Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I don't normally get too serious on my blog. It's not that I have no convictions or opinions-it's quite the opposite, please believe. I just feel that my duty is sort of like a Hollywood actor's duty. To entertain and shut up. However, something has been on my chest lately and I'd like to get it off (because there's already enough going on there).

Cason has moved to a twin bed (stick with me...there's more). He's actually moved rooms. He's in his "big boy" room now. When he moved to the new room, we bought new bedding for him. It's really cute and I really like it. Looking at the new bedding made me start thinking (here it comes) about what we NEED vs. what we WANT. Cason didn't need to new bedding. He could have easily used one of the 1472392974575 blankets/quilts/throws we have here and he would have never known the difference. But I would have. I bought the baby new bedding. She could have used Cason's old bedding and she definitely wouldn't have known the difference. On top of that, Colin and I threw out MASS amounts of stuff that we've spent hundreds of dollars on over the years. But let's be serious. I don't feel a huge amount of guilt when I buy things out of want and not need. Maybe it's my American mentality. America, the land where we SELL the crap we don't want anymore. That's why, Hilary Clinton, giving every baby in the US 5,000 dollars is ridiculous! My kids have already won the lottery because they were born in America and not Myanmar or the Sudan! And I know that there are poor people in America, people that need our help. Trust me...I know...I used to teach in a very poor school. But poor in America is nothing compared to poor in China or Nicaragua.

So, do I feel guilty about buying new bedding for Cason? Not really. I'll be buying a lot more I don't need before it's all said and done. And I don't buy everything I want. I don't buy Cason everything he wants (he would totally kill for a Tickle Me Elmo) but he has more than he could ever need. And I don't feel guilty about living in America. I'm blessed!

...All that from a new quilt!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

It's funny when your kid starts recognizing things that aren't in his or her life everyday. I mean of course he recognizes who he sees everyday and such but I mean like when you're driving down the street and you see this:

And suddenly your kid gets a hankerin' for french fries (or apple dippers if you are so inclined). I guess in a way it's a good thing. It means people like my friend, Jess are doing their job.
But on the other hand, when you are in the grocery store line and your child recognizes this label:

It suddenly becomes a battle of wills. The boy started recognizing M&M's about a month ago and a few weeks ago he realized that they are in the check out lane. And do you know how much fun it is to be in the check out lane with a toddler grabbing 7638292929746 packages of M&M's? Well do you? And the more I say no, the more the boy wants them. Honestly, I don't know where he gets it from.

Do you find it as odd as I do that the boy recognizes MickeyD's and M&M's? Oh, and all Coke products. You would think we weren't being healthy at our house. I'm sure he's spoiled by all his grandparents....or something like that.

On a side note: My brother told me that one day they were talking about McDonalds and my sister in law's four year old nephew looked up out of nowhere and said,"Ba-Da-Ba-Ba-Ba, I'm lovin' it!" Thank you, it's not just us.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Well, I have good news and bad news. The good news? Colin's softball girls won the class 5A state championship for the second year in a row. It really is a great feeling to see your husband doing something he loves, and being successful at it. Now for the bad news: We were informed by the parents of said team that the banquet this year would be very nice. Very nice. Why is that bad news? Well, in the past the attire has been what I would call "nice church." This year it maybe more formal. And I have a large stomach to dress around. So I looked online at Gap, Old Navy, and Ann Taylor Maternity and got nothing. I looked at little at that mall and saw a few items that might do. Then I looked on the Wonder That is Ebay. Here are a few of the little jewels I found:

When only a shapeless, denim jumper will do:

Uh, the convent called...the nuns want their habit back:

Have you ever just said to yourself, " I wish I looked like a ginormous grape with Disney characters on my boobs"? Well, now you too can have that look. Ok, this is really too disturbing for words:

And finally, this look is brought to you from the Pregnancy by Michelle Duggar Collection:

This look is convenient for those times when you are pregnant but still nursing your "buddy."

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I got tagged. I have to list eight random facts about myself. For a full list of rules and regulations go here.

1. I downloaded the new Britney Spears song, "Gimme More" and I don't care what you think about me after learning that . I no longer hang my head in shame. I like the song and Cason does a funny dance when he hears it, so there.

2. My butt hurts and I'm not afraid to say it. I don't have back pain or lower back pain...I have butt pain (not to be confused with a pain in the butt). It's sciatica and it's something that WebMd says the elderly and the sedentary usually get. How about those with a small child sitting on their sciatic nerve? What about that WebMd? Huh? What?

3. I like, no love, the movie Napoleon Dynamite. And I own it. And every time I watch it, I laugh. And sometimes, when I'm with the girls, Jen is the only one who laughs when I say, "Gosh" or "Idiot." And I'm glad she thinks it's funny.

4. I took a Glucose Tolerance test yesterday. My doc let me put it off (and off and off) until it was no longer funny. I threw up about 1/4 of the stuff. For those that have not taken a GTT, let me tell you that the liquid you have to drink is possibly the nastiest drink. Of all time. And I think it's funny how on the bottle, it says that it should only be consumed under doctor approval and that the bottle is not for resale. Like there's a lot of people begging grocery stores to start carrying the 10 oz Dextrose drink. I don't know...maybe it has street value or something.

5. Our baby doesn't have a name yet so quit asking.

6. I have a huge crush on Stephen Colbert. My goal every night is to stay awake until the Colbert Report comes on at 10:30. I love that show. It's so gutly.

7. When Cason was little, we could comb his hair in this little mohawk (or fauxhawk if you will) and when we did, he looked like the lead singer of The Fray. Maybe that's his real dad. What do you think:

8. I'm missing naptime and I'm firmly devoted to naptime. Mine that is.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Today at approximately 4:15, Colin was gone (of course), and Cason thought it would be a good idea to knock over a floor lamp. On tile.
So, the brand-new-just-replaced-last-night-never-used
-expensive-florescent-so Leonardo Di Caprio won't be mad at me-bulb shattered everywhere. Ok, that's not so bad you say. Well, it's Emily so it's about to get worse. As I'm cleaning shattered glass and yelling trying to keep the dog and the boy away from the wreckage, a Jehovah's Witness came to the door. And let me also let you in on what I was wearing. I had on maternity shorts that don't really fit anymore (sad), a white tank top that's definitely NOT maternity (so slight stomach showing (and not attractive stomach mind you)), bra straps hanging out not one but BOTH sides (because I don't do anything halfway) and to top it all off, I had on the cute dress flats I had worn to church (hey, they were close in proximity and you can't clean up glass bare foot). Cason had on a diaper and a smile. Alright back to the Jehovah's Witness at my door ( I just wanted you to have a full picture of what we looked like while talking to her). She talked to me about the Lord and about the cookbooks that she was selling. I didn't know the Lord was in the food industry, but with the recent success of the Food Network, who can blame Him? Or maybe the Jehovah's Witnesses know something I don't. I listened to her and then told her I really did not have time to talk at that moment. And besides, I'm already a Christian - Duh...couldn't she tell?

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

How laundry gets done at the White House (ours, not the real White House...I'm sure they have a much more efficient way there):

Tuesday: Normal laundry day; separate laundry into 4 piles

Wednesday: Realize no one has done anything with the four piles; put one in the washing machine

Thursday: Move first pile into dryer; second pile into washer

Friday: Wonder why I have no clean underwear....didn't I just do laundry?

Saturday: Get motivated; get two loads done folded and put away; one load in the dryer and one in the washer

Sunday: Fold the clothes in the dryer; Put last load in the dryer (I'm really getting somewhere now!)

Monday: Nothing...I need a break from all this laundry

Tuesday: Realize it's laundry day again; there is still one load from last week not put up and one load in the dryer

Wednesday: Look at the clothes that need to be washed; look at the clothes that need to be put up; think, "A windbreaker can be worn as a shirt, right?"

Edited to Add: What's sad is that Colin does all of his own laundry and he's pretty efficient at it...maybe he should be doing all of ours....

Monday, October 01, 2007

For awhile now, I have been seeing recipes here and there combining cake/brownie mix with a can of pumpkin for a low fat/high fiber alternative to the beloved brownie. So, I took the plunge and decided to try it. I have to say - not impressed. I really had it built up in my mind because of what other people had said (and what does that say about my personality really?). The texture is just not "brownie" like. Cason liked them, but let's face it, the kid eats crumbs that get stuck to the bottom of his foot so he's no guarantee of taste. I guess if I want chocolate, there's no point in trying to make it healthy. Tomorrow I'm going to make banana bread and put chocolate chips in it. That way I can get a serving of fruit with my chocolate. The writers of What to Eat When You're Expecting would be proud.