Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Wow...first I have a baby who was born at the same time of such celebabies as Suri Cruise and Shiloh Jolie-Pitt, and then today I find out baby number 2 will be born the same time as Nicole Richie's baby! Only the best for my kids!
Well, here is my 100 things list (darn you Sara). Enjoy...and pay attention.

1. I do not hate Harry Potter...I'm just not into it. And as a former educator anything that gets kids reading, as a general rule, I support.
2. I am currently reading To Kill a Mockingbird and LOVING it...I cry almost everytime I read it.
3. I don't have a favorite book.
4. I have several favorite movies.
5. I love movies.
6. Specifically different movies that no one pays attention to for awhile.
Lets talk about chocolate for awhile:
7. It's my favorite thing in the world ever.
8. I wake up in the morning craving like a brownie or a cookie or something.
9. I don't know what people mean when they say a dessert is "too rich."
10. I don't like nuts or fruit with my chocolate.
11. As a general rule, I believe anything with fruit is not dessert.
Moving on:
12. I am a single parent most of the time.
13. I secretly get irritated with my friends when they talk about how they get irritated when their husbands work late, but it's really just me projecting my anger.
14. I feel blessed that Colin loves his job and is good at it.
15. I know that kids under the age of two are not supposed to watch tv but...it can't be helped sometimes.
16. Cason in incredibly easy to put to bed.
17. He doesn't sleep long enough though.
18. I am lucky to have great in-laws that are not out-laws.
19. I wish my family would hurry up and move to Oklahoma.
20. I'm glad I have one part of my family that lives close.
21. Sometimes I get frustrated when I see my friends' kids that act way better than mine.
22. I like that most of my friends have boys that act JUST LIKE mine - it makes me feel like I'm not alone!
23. I worry about how my kiddo is going to act in the future if he is this strong willed at age one.
24. He's great and I wouldn't trade him for all of the well behaved kids in the world (well, probably not).
25. I ran over a bike rider in my car when I was 16 and paralyzed him. KIDDING - just wanted to make sure that you were paying attention!
26. I am much more social than my husband.
27. This has created problems for us - but we both have compromised.
28. I love Target.
29. I love Marshall's.
30. I love blogging and am so glad that I started one!
31. I love it when people we don't really know that well tell me they found my blog and they read it all the time because it makes Colin roll his eyes.
32. Blogs are a great way to keep up with people.
33. Sometimes I get lost in blogland and end up finding a random blog about someone and I think, "Oh, I remember them from college. They are missionaries in Brazil now. That's cool. I always thought she was nice. Oh, wait she went to Harding, never mind." Please tell me that happens to other people too!
34. Sometimes I feel like a blog stalker...I hope I have a blog stalker!
35. Sometimes I want to go a month without shopping, except for food to see if I could do it.
36. With a new baby coming that probably won't happen anytime soon.
37. Tomorrow is the big reveal to find out if baby white is a boy or girl.
38. Stay tuned - I'll blog it!
39. I would love to have a girl but if I have a boy, I can dress my boys alike...awwww!
40. No matter what this baby is, our family is complete.
41. I used to want 4 or 5 kids and then I was pregnant.
42. Some people love being pregnant and I don't get those people.
43. I make my bed almost everyday.
44. I used to keep my house really clean but I've had to let that go in some ways. Ok, may ways.
45. I wish I could still keep my house really clean but I don't have the time or the energy and I live with a one man destruction team (Colin or Cason?).
46. going back to #15...I don't mind Sesame Street, Baby Einstein, Little Einstein or Handy Manny, but I draw the line at The Doodlebops. I HATE them with an indescribable passion.
47. I've only lived with two people since high school - Lindsay and Colin.
48. Lindsay was cleaner. In fact, she's who taught me how to be clean (despite my mom's massive efforts when I lived at home).
49. I didn't know lindsay before OC, even though people thought we did or thought we were related.
50. I've been to Italy.
51. It was great.
52. I want to go back.
53. I don't see us traveling far for awhile.
54. The best ice cream ever is in Italy.
55. I don't know why it's better but it is.
56. Colin and I met through a mutual friend.
57. If it hadn't taken him five years to graduate, we would have never met.
58. When we first met, I thought he was rude.
59. I was right.
60. I don't really know what he thought about me...he's never told me.
61. I knew very early into our relationship that I was going to marry Colin - luckily so did he!
62. We were engaged seven months after we started dating and married a year after that.
63. I said I would never get married while I was still in school - oh well.
64. I didn't realize how important it would be to have other young married friends.
65. I told Colin the other night that if he ever ends up on that show "To Catch a Predator" (not that I think he would ever), not to call me for bail money.
66. I've come to like (not love) some sports for Colin's sake.
67. One of my favorite things to do is lay in bed and watch TV.
68. I'm not one of those people who like to do fun exciting physical things...I don't do activities that involve sweating.
69. I hate doing laundry.
70. I hate doing dishes.
71. When Colin and I got married, we agreed one would do laundry and one would do dishes but somehow, that didn't last. It's because I don't like the way he does either.
72. I marvel at the fundamental differences between men and women.
73. Like how we can see the same mess but it only bothers one of us (I'll let you guess which one).
74. I try not to be an over protective mother - Colin usually doesn't let me.
75. When Cason was born my first thought was, " I can breathe!"
76. My second thought was, "He's skinny."
77. The first thing Colin said was, "He has detached ear lobes."
78. I love junk food.
79. Chips, cookies, whatever, I love it all.
80. There are some healthy things that I like too.
81. I'll let you know when I come up with some.
82. I am extremely ticklish. I hate being tickled. I'm laughing but I'm not having fun.
83. I love roller coasters.
84. Cantaloupe! I like cantaloupe and that's healthy!
85. I'm addicted to the food network.
86. I rarely cook food that I see made on the food network.
87. I like to cook.
88. I wish I could cook more interesting things but Colin won't let me. He's a very picky eater.
89. I think it's funny when my kid throws a fake temper tantrum.
90. And then there's the point when it's not funny anymore.
91. I love it when Cason sings songs.
92. There are very few foods that I don't like: olives and nuts are two of them.
93. I think it's funny that Cason says uh-doh instead of uh-oh.
94. I think it's funny when other people trip.
95. I think it's funny when I trip.
96. I wear a lot of black but I'm trying to change that.
97. There are a lot of things that annoy me. Arrogant people, stupid people, people that one up you constantly, liars, people with b.o., people who try to act smarter than they are, people that talk with a bubble in their throat, people who talk loud in movies, people who say,'you know' a lot, people who make you feel guilty about the tv shows you watch, people who don't care about their appearance, people who have children that can't afford them...just to name a few.
98. I don't sit with parents at Colin's games (they fit somewhere in #97).
99. I liked being a teacher and want to go back sometime.
100. Not sometime soon.

There. Now leave me alone.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Cason: dabima
Me: What?
Cason: dabima
Me: What?
Cason: DABIMA!!
Me: Ok, point to what you want...point for me!
Me: For the love of all things holy and righteous in the world...WHAT DO YOU WANT?!
Cason: Doggie..Arf Arf...haha

If anyone knows what dabima means, please let me know. Thank you.

Cason: YAY!
Me: What are you saying Yay about?
Cason: YAY!
Me: Are you ready for a nap?
Cason: YAY!
Me (taking full advantage of the situation): Cason's ready to potty train!
Cason: YAY!
Me: And ready to start helping me around the house?*
Cason: Yay!
Me: Your real mom is going to come pick you up tomorrow.
Both of us in unison: YAY!
Me: And are you going to start sleeping in until 9:30 am?
Cason: Don't get carried away lady.

* Child labor laws don't apply in your own home right?

Thursday, July 26, 2007

So I saw this story on Good Morning America this morning. Let me just say, if people don't want to have kids, I certainly don't want them to. What was cracking me up was all the people that had violent reactions to these people not wanting children.
What?! What could possibly be wrong with these poor uneducated, unloved people that they would not want children? They MUST be social degenerates!
Hey, you know what? I love my kiddo more than life itself...yes even on the days when I wonder if Goodwill accepts donations of actual children. And I don't understand why anyone would not want children. But I also don't understand why anyone would decorate their house using the jewel tones...or why people would want a salty snack instead of a sweet one. It's a preference.
In other Good Morning America news, I finally realized today that this is why I'm fat! Thanks a lot guys!

I mean...who wouldn't want this in their life?

Saturday, July 21, 2007

DISCLAIMER: If you are a Harry Potter fan, I am not, I repeat NOT trying to offend, dis, anger, make you hate me, etc. by writing this post!

Ok, I'm not a Harry Potter fan. I don't think it's evil, anti-God, anti-American (even though he IS British) or anything like that. I read the first book and saw the first two movies. I don't mind it. I just don't LOVE it. In fact, I really don't care (gasp!) one way or the other about it. And I don't think there is anything wrong with you if you love it. There are very few things that I would stand in line at midnight for. I wouldn't stand in line for the book or the movie. Perhaps Justin Timberlake tickets, or a brownie. I'm not sure if I have room in my life to be obsessed with one more thing. I already have LOST, Law and Order, World Series of Pop Culture, blog reading, and brownies. I don't think Harry and Ron (hey I know their names!) would fit in. And (Harry Potter fans stop reading as this part MAY offend you) I'm sick about hearing about Harry Potter! If I have to hear one more news story about an internet leak (which how loserish are you if you scan the entire book and put it online - Get a Life), adults that dress up (which whatever I'm just tired of hearing it), whatever "messages" may or may not be in the movies and books, people trying to spoil, people trying not to be spoiled, where to buy the "Catholics Guide to Harry Potter", how much money Daniel what's - his - bucket has or ANYTHING remotely relating to Harry Potter I may Blech.
So, don't talk about Harry Potter around me unless you are telling me that the entire word has come to their senses and decided to talk about something worthwhile, like brownies.

Monday, July 16, 2007

A note from Cason:
To all babies/toddlers/children who may be reading this blog:
I have been perfecting the art of the 'body tantrum' i.e. communicating to your parents without talking while they try to make you do something you have no interest in!

Body tantrum 1: The knees-to-chest
This involves pulling your knees up as high as you can and sticking your feet out. It works best when mom or dad is trying to put you somewhere like the high chair or stroller, or when they want you to stand up. You can't stand up unless your feet are on the floor right?

Body tantrum 2: The jello body
To do this correctly, make your entire body go limp. Provide no help or rigidity to the adult attempting to move you. This tactic works best when someone is trying to pick you up from a place you are not ready to leave. You will basically slip through his or her hands and go back to where you were happy.

Body tantrum 3: The stiff body
This basically is the opposite of #2. Make your body as stiff as humanly possible. Do not move anything under any circumstances! This performs the same function as #1 but with the added bonus that the parent/individual will think that he or she will break one of your limbs if pushed too hard...don't worry, they won't.

Body tantrum 4: The arched back
This could be the most dangerous but possibly the most effective in getting your way. When you are picked up or being held, arch your back until your are almost completely upside down. The bad part is that there is a danger in being dropped. But to prevent that, you may be given exactly what you want by your parent.

If there are any babies/toddlers/children with any other tips to share...please let me know as I am just beginning my arsenal of ways to get what I want.

A note from Emily:
About the post above I would like to advise all of those with children not to let the kiddies read that...you don't want to put ideas into their heads.

For those without children...uh....(crickets chirping)...I mean you'll love parenthood. It's great.

I love (LOVE) Ben Folds and I just discovered the song 'The Luckiest." How did I not know about that song? It could be the best song EVER. If you want to know what I am listening to that's it.

Look at these nerds:

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

You want to know what I did yesterday? I took the dog to the vet (for like the millionth time) with Cason. You know what's not fun? Taking the dog to the vet (for like the millionth time) with Cason. If you know anything about our beloved firstborn (Sunny, not Cason) then you know that it is she who actually needs to be on our health care coverage. As if wrangling a Labrador wasn't hard enough, I had to wrangle a Labrador while wrangling a 15 month old (who wanted to pet every animal he saw while saying "Doggie!" over and over). I said I was never going to do that again. However, I have to take Sunny back on Thursday. Good times to be had by all. I rewarded myself with a pint of Ben and Jerry's Chocolate chewy fudge brownie. There's half left and I'll tell you the same thing I told Colin: If you eat the rest of it I will kill you and I don't mean like, HaHa I'm gonna Kill you, I mean I will stop your heart.

By the way, for those wondering...I do have wedding pics and stories and I will post about it when I get a chance!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Seeing as how I haven't talked about him in awhile, I thought I would post about my kiddo. Cason had his 15 month check up the other day and is doing great. I can't remember how much he weighed but it was in the 10th percentile. Which makes me feel sorry for the other 90% because my kid is huge.
It's weird because he's somewhere between baby and boy. He still likes to cuddle with mommy at night but he also likes to have guy time with dad. In one day he discovered climbing. I was sort of thinking that ship had sailed because most climbers are well into it at this point. But yesterday in about 2.5 seconds, he was standing up on the coffee table. And he's done that about 86 times since. Then he climbed onto his high chair. Then he pushed a chair over to the desk so he could get on the desk but his legs are too short to climb into the chair. Then he climbed onto the elliptical trainer (hey, at least someone's using it(I couldn't think of the word elliptical, all I could think of was excersaucer. Ha.)).
My baby is growing up. If you haven't heard, he'll be a big brother sometime in December. But no worries! No belly pics here. Only complaining ~ that's what you've come to expect from me. I'm looking forward to the future though. Cason's first day of school...his first date... the first time he uses witty sarcasm to express himself. Ah yes, those will be proud moments. But I digress....

** I would post pictures but my camera is lost. Ok, not lost; I know where it's at, it's just not in my possession at the moment.