Saturday, April 21, 2007

Hey, eat your heart out Nick Nolte.

My precious little bundle of joy has an ear infection. In both ears. Neat. Now, it wouldn't be such a big deal but I have book club tonight and there is NO ONE that can watch Cason. I considered bringing him but then the ear infection thing was sprung on us and as much as I would still like to go and bring him, that would be highly inappropriate. You know, having a kid is great but this whole selflessness thing is highly overrated.

This is TWICE now that I've read the darn book and haven't been able to go to book club. And I really wanted to see Jessica's new house. Maybe she will consider doing a live blog chat so I can participate. SO, now that all of you don't think I am lying about reading the book, here is what I think about Life of Pi:

I really, really liked it. It takes a lot for me to say I loved a book but this was close. Ok, the end (spoiler alert). I think that the story that he told was not true. I prefer to think that he was with Richard Parker on the boat instead of those freaky people. For me, it's easier to believe that he was on a life boat with a Bengal tiger and he trained it rather than the other story. Or maybe that's what I WANT to believe. But I guess that was his whole point, right?

I had two favorite parts. The first was at the very beginning when he was comparing the misconceptions of a zoo and religion. I thought most of what Pi said there to be pretty accurate. The second part that I really liked was when he met up with the man in the middle of the ocean and they were both blind. I knew that man was going to try and eat Pi. When Pi invited him on the boat I was thinking, "What are you doing you idiot?" But I did not think that Richard Parker would kill him. I don't why, I just liked that part.

So there, I read the book. And I would highly recommend it if you are not in our book club or if you are and didn't read it. I am the book club despite not having been there yet. So, I guess I am going to sit at home tonight and be a baby and pout and probably eat some of my Thin Mint ice cream that everyone is raving about. I've known about it for several years. So there.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

What did everyone do this week? We just tried to stay warm. In April. In Oklahoma.

A friend of mine called me this past week to get some advice on her how to get her baby to sleep through the night. I was so shocked that I thought she was OFFERING me advice. When I realized that wasn't the case, my response was, "When you find a way, let me know." No, but really, asking me for advice on that topic is like asking J.Lo to help the American Idol contestants. Wait.

I love it when people ask me if he sleeps through the night and then are horrified when I say no. Like the fact that my one year doesn't always sleep through the night is equal to leprosy (Oh, no...don't let little Johnnie play with Cason...the sleeplessness will rub off). Then he or she always asks if I've tried A or B or X or Y. Not only have we tried a,b,x and y but we've tried A - Z, followed by the Russian alphabet, followed by the Japanese alphabet. And no, I will not let our child get in the bed with us. And no, I will not go rock him back to sleep. And no, I will no longer nurse him. He maybe insecure but he will be independent. So there.

I heard recently that 80% of adults suffer from some sort of insomnia at least once a week. And then there is this article stating that most of the people not sleeping are moms. You know, once your kids are sleeping through the night, teething, sickness and traveling all ruin it. When is one of those not occurring? And then there is the "Mommy, I have to _____ (poop, pee, barf sneeze, cough, eat, get a drink, read a book, any or all of the preceding)." When that phase finally ends, there is usually another kid to go through it all over again. By the time it's all over, we've forgotten HOW to sleep.

Cason has slept ten to twelve straight hours every night for over a week. I wake up every morning between four and six a.m. and can't go back to sleep. Darn you Mr. Sandman...darn you.

Here are some birthday pics:

Obviously Cason had a grand time at his small birthday celebration. He has a new favorite food. No, not cake...he already loves cake. He now loves yellow rice. What's next? Asparagus?

Friday, April 06, 2007

What a difference a year makes! Cason turns one year old today. At this time last year, I was ready to give Colin a vasectomy. Some things still haven't changed.
Here is what Case is like at one:

Weighs: 21 lbs. (20th percentile) (if that's 20%, what 90th percentile like?)
Likes: Sunny, throwing things, sweet potatoes, walking, yogurt, Daddy and any starchy carb
Loves: Mommy
Hates: getting dressed, green beans, being stationary
Says: Dada, duck

By the way, I'm so glad that Cason's birthday as well as the entire easter weekend could be started off with snow flurries. Thanks Mother Nature -- Love ya!