Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Well, my worst fears have been confirmed. John Mayer and Jessica Simpson are officially together. And since Jessica Simpson is my arch enemy, I can no longer go on being a John Mayer fan. I will still listen to his music but I think that's all I can manage right now. And I will be changing the header on my blog. I don't know to what yet...any suggestions?

Here's a funny video of Cason on YouTube. Not that everyone is dying to see video of my kid...but if you want to here he is!

Cason and I are leaving to go to Houston in a day or so...my father -in-law will be driving us. I hope he knows what he's getting into. I mean, on long car trips there is whining, crying, boredom, screaming to get out of the seats...and that's just me.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

So, did anyone else have contaminated peanut butter at their house? I was watching Good Morning America, and they said that Peter Pan with product numbers 2111 at the beginning were contaminated with salmonella. Just for kicks, I checked and guess what? Product number 2111 right on the top. Colin and I both think that we got sick off of it too. From now on, only Jiff gets into this house.

I hope everyone had a loving Valentine's day. I got flowers from all my sweeties: Colin, Cason and Sunny. I tell ya, that dang dog thinks of everything.

Colin has had a Sports Illustrated subscription for quite sometime. But I never realized that we would be getting a Swimsuit Issue. But there it was in the mail on Friday, with Beyonce on the cover laughing at me. When I looked through it, do you know what amazed me most? Not the ridiculously unrealistic bodies on the models. I can handle that. What I cannot handle however, is the price of a bathing suit! $1400 for a piece of cloth that barely covers your hoohoos is not feasible, my friends. That's more than my wedding dress cost, and I can guarantee you there was a lot more to it. For that price, it had better make me look like Beyonce. Some of the bathing suits just said, "price available on request only." How serious do you have to be to get the price? Could I call and get the price just for giggles or is it only serious buyers? And since when are the words "serious buyers" and "swimsuits" in the same sentence? Where are the $18.95 suits from Target? Because that's what we're all wearing! Memo to Sports Illustrated : no one in the real world pays $1295 for a bathing suit that only comes with the bottoms!

Hold on, I need to climb off my soapbox.

For those of you wondering how Cason is doing, let me update. He says, dada and duck. He says mama when he wants something. Who knew a 10 month old could be this tiring! That kid wears me out. I can't imagine what it will be like when he starts walking. I'm definitely not ready for that yet. My baby isn't really babyish anymore! Not that I'm all gung ho for another one. Pregnancy is still way too fresh in my mind for that one.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

After receiving several requests for me to post this picture, I reluctantly obliged. For all you animal lovers out there (myself included), please know that the poor bird never saw it coming as it was hit at 70 mph so death was quick. I was upset at first but by the time I reached my destination at bible study, it was pretty funny. Even more funny was that Colin had to get it out. He put it in our big outside garbage bin in a trash bag but I now I refuse to open the trash, fearing retaliation (if you have seen The Birds you understand).

Anyway, another big oops was taking Cason to a nice Italian restaurant on Friday. I don't why we keep thinking we can go out to eat. We had rosemary bread which he hated but kept wanting. Then spitting it out. And gagging. At one point, he grabbed his Cheerios baggie and dumped them all on the floor where they joined both his shoes and his Elmo doll. There was much weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth from Cason, the waiter and myself. On our way out we said we were never going out to eat again and Cason echoed that sentiment by letting out a massive fart as the hostess said goodbye. So what did we do? On Saturday, at a fund raiser auction, we bought a dinner package that included gift cards to several metro area restaurants. We never learn.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Ok, so a couple of things....
1. For those sitting on the edge of their seat wondering if I really did clean out a room everyday in my house, I have the answer. Yes and No. On Monday I tackled Cason's room. I know you are all thinking ,"A baby's room. Big whoop." But it really was. I organized his sock drawer (how many socks does a ten month old NEED for the love of Pete!). I stored clothes he no longer fits into (I buy the largest Rubber maid available and I've filled two). I put all his clothes on matching hangers. And there was a mysterious box in the top of his closest that Colin and I went through. I also organized his pajamas (how many pairs of pajamas does a ten month old NEED for the love of Pete!). Since then I have done zilch. Well, I did organize my pantry the other day. Ok, only the bottom two shelves.

2. On Monday, I went to the vet to get heart worm pills for the dog. They told me they couldn't give them to me because she wasn't current on her shots. Sunny was actually waiting for me in the car so I got her and they just did it right then. The problem was, I thought I would be running in and out really quick when we left to go to the vet so I had nothing for Cason to do. They were running some blood work on the dog and said it would be about ten minutes. So there we are in the little exam room. Waiting. Cason was dying to get on the floor but I thought that was kind of gross (truth be told it was probably cleaner than my own floor) and he was getting very restless. So what did he do? He nursed. Right there in the vet's office. So add that to the ever growing List of Places I have Breastfed. A list that also includes the zoo, the restroom at Bourbon Street Cafe, various dressing rooms and a baseball locker room.

3. LOST RETURNS TONIGHT!!!!! Ok, I'll stop yelling now. After what seems like years of waiting, will our questions be answered? Probably not. And that's what keeps me coming back.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

I have a goal this week. Everyday, I am going to try to clean out one room in the house. Notice I said try. Trying is my goal, not the actual cleaning itself ( so if I get that done it is actually a bonus). I figure one room a day is an attainable goal. I'll keep everyone updated on how its going.

Ok, has anyone seen this commercial?

I mean, I know that I cry at things like this a lot but seriously, it makes me want to go adopt a dog. And I want all of you to go adopt a dog right now.

While I'm up here on my soapbox, there is one other thing I would like to discuss. In a recent episode of Oprah, the topic was, "Can Women Have it all?" "It All" referring to a job, kids, great house, etc. There are a few things I would like to mention about the show.
1. If you work, you might have a dirty house and you may have to eat chicken nuggets three nights a week. If you don't work, you may miss other adults. Accept it...move on.
2. Women in Hollywood are not the norm. They have trainers, maids, chefs, nannies and other various employees to help them appear as if they have a great job, great body and great kids.
99% of people don't have that and never will. Accept it...move on.
3. You might not necessarily agree with what your friend does but everyone should have the choice to do what they want. Accept it...move on.
Moral to the story...do what is best for your family, most importantly your kids, and then accept it and move on!

We had another snow storm here, thankfully not as bad as the last ones have been but I am SICK of this weather!

Mom, Can I go outside?


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