Wednesday, October 03, 2007

How laundry gets done at the White House (ours, not the real White House...I'm sure they have a much more efficient way there):

Tuesday: Normal laundry day; separate laundry into 4 piles

Wednesday: Realize no one has done anything with the four piles; put one in the washing machine

Thursday: Move first pile into dryer; second pile into washer

Friday: Wonder why I have no clean underwear....didn't I just do laundry?

Saturday: Get motivated; get two loads done folded and put away; one load in the dryer and one in the washer

Sunday: Fold the clothes in the dryer; Put last load in the dryer (I'm really getting somewhere now!)

Monday: Nothing...I need a break from all this laundry

Tuesday: Realize it's laundry day again; there is still one load from last week not put up and one load in the dryer

Wednesday: Look at the clothes that need to be washed; look at the clothes that need to be put up; think, "A windbreaker can be worn as a shirt, right?"

Edited to Add: What's sad is that Colin does all of his own laundry and he's pretty efficient at it...maybe he should be doing all of ours....


Elizabeth said...

I think we all can say it is just a continual pain...I tagged you by the way!

Aubrey said...

I am totally with you on this one and I don't even have a kid to throw in the mix yet! The bad thing for me is that I'll forget that I have laundry in the washer, because I have yet to fold the clothes that are in the dryer and then I have to re-wash the stuff in the washer because it has mildewed....yuck! I have tried to make a "laundry day". It has yet to occur!