Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I don't normally get too serious on my blog. It's not that I have no convictions or opinions-it's quite the opposite, please believe. I just feel that my duty is sort of like a Hollywood actor's duty. To entertain and shut up. However, something has been on my chest lately and I'd like to get it off (because there's already enough going on there).

Cason has moved to a twin bed (stick with me...there's more). He's actually moved rooms. He's in his "big boy" room now. When he moved to the new room, we bought new bedding for him. It's really cute and I really like it. Looking at the new bedding made me start thinking (here it comes) about what we NEED vs. what we WANT. Cason didn't need to new bedding. He could have easily used one of the 1472392974575 blankets/quilts/throws we have here and he would have never known the difference. But I would have. I bought the baby new bedding. She could have used Cason's old bedding and she definitely wouldn't have known the difference. On top of that, Colin and I threw out MASS amounts of stuff that we've spent hundreds of dollars on over the years. But let's be serious. I don't feel a huge amount of guilt when I buy things out of want and not need. Maybe it's my American mentality. America, the land where we SELL the crap we don't want anymore. That's why, Hilary Clinton, giving every baby in the US 5,000 dollars is ridiculous! My kids have already won the lottery because they were born in America and not Myanmar or the Sudan! And I know that there are poor people in America, people that need our help. Trust me...I know...I used to teach in a very poor school. But poor in America is nothing compared to poor in China or Nicaragua.

So, do I feel guilty about buying new bedding for Cason? Not really. I'll be buying a lot more I don't need before it's all said and done. And I don't buy everything I want. I don't buy Cason everything he wants (he would totally kill for a Tickle Me Elmo) but he has more than he could ever need. And I don't feel guilty about living in America. I'm blessed!

...All that from a new quilt!


Elizabeth said...

I say, that as Americans, we are all blessed. I too will continue to buy things out of want versus neccessity. It would be a dis-honor to those who fight for our freedom to live the way we do and also to the entire system we have built over the years that has made us the strong country we are.

With that said, I could probably stand to lower my expectations on the $600 bedding I have already picked out for a baby that I haven't even conceived yet. Man, it's cute though!