Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I got tagged. I have to list eight random facts about myself. For a full list of rules and regulations go here.

1. I downloaded the new Britney Spears song, "Gimme More" and I don't care what you think about me after learning that . I no longer hang my head in shame. I like the song and Cason does a funny dance when he hears it, so there.

2. My butt hurts and I'm not afraid to say it. I don't have back pain or lower back pain...I have butt pain (not to be confused with a pain in the butt). It's sciatica and it's something that WebMd says the elderly and the sedentary usually get. How about those with a small child sitting on their sciatic nerve? What about that WebMd? Huh? What?

3. I like, no love, the movie Napoleon Dynamite. And I own it. And every time I watch it, I laugh. And sometimes, when I'm with the girls, Jen is the only one who laughs when I say, "Gosh" or "Idiot." And I'm glad she thinks it's funny.

4. I took a Glucose Tolerance test yesterday. My doc let me put it off (and off and off) until it was no longer funny. I threw up about 1/4 of the stuff. For those that have not taken a GTT, let me tell you that the liquid you have to drink is possibly the nastiest drink. Of all time. And I think it's funny how on the bottle, it says that it should only be consumed under doctor approval and that the bottle is not for resale. Like there's a lot of people begging grocery stores to start carrying the 10 oz Dextrose drink. I don't know...maybe it has street value or something.

5. Our baby doesn't have a name yet so quit asking.

6. I have a huge crush on Stephen Colbert. My goal every night is to stay awake until the Colbert Report comes on at 10:30. I love that show. It's so gutly.

7. When Cason was little, we could comb his hair in this little mohawk (or fauxhawk if you will) and when we did, he looked like the lead singer of The Fray. Maybe that's his real dad. What do you think:

8. I'm missing naptime and I'm firmly devoted to naptime. Mine that is.


Jessica said...

Ok...I like Britney Spears, and finally had to stop being ashamed of it. I also like reading about her crazy antics in gossip mags.

I, too, LOVE Stephen Colbert. He is so confident and kind of guy.

And who does NOT love Napoleon Dynamite? I identify with Kip in a big way...spending all day online chatting with hot babes.