Monday, October 01, 2007

For awhile now, I have been seeing recipes here and there combining cake/brownie mix with a can of pumpkin for a low fat/high fiber alternative to the beloved brownie. So, I took the plunge and decided to try it. I have to say - not impressed. I really had it built up in my mind because of what other people had said (and what does that say about my personality really?). The texture is just not "brownie" like. Cason liked them, but let's face it, the kid eats crumbs that get stuck to the bottom of his foot so he's no guarantee of taste. I guess if I want chocolate, there's no point in trying to make it healthy. Tomorrow I'm going to make banana bread and put chocolate chips in it. That way I can get a serving of fruit with my chocolate. The writers of What to Eat When You're Expecting would be proud.


Aubrey said...

Sorry you didn't like your brownies! Like I said, the flavor is all there, but the texture is not brownie-like at all! Enjoy your banana bread!! Sounds yummy!

Jessica said...

I liked the pumpkin brownies....but then again I HAVE to have chocolate in a cake form every day. So anything would have satisfied.

John did not like it either.

And, hey, can you bring some chocolate-chip banana bread to church Wednesday night?

Melanie said...

I LOVE chocolate chip banana bread!! A great chilhood fav. YUM!