Monday, August 27, 2007

Well, I am currently loving kettle corn, grape tomatoes, and Ted Drewes. Not that I've had Ted Drewes recently but I wish I had. I am also loving the movie Fracture. And not only because it has the adorable Ryan Gosling in it (or David Strathairn, whatever your fancy) but also because it has a surprise ending and a satisfying ending. Those rarely come together.
What am I not loving? Well how about rude way I was treated at Wally World today. What happened you ask? Well, I got up the the register (where Cason was halfway between asleep and hysterically crying) and realized that instead of a jar of Gerber Graduates peaches, I had picked up a jar of the Chicken Sticks. Cason will NOT eat those, he hates them and since all of my crap was already on the conveyor belt, I didn't feel it necessary to take the 63 cent jar of chicken sticks back. SO I did what anyone in my situation would do, I just set it on the back of the conveyor belt knowing that some nice Wal-Mart employee would take it back. When I went to pay, the nice lady behind me (who also had a screaming toddler...I think we are kindred spirits) thought I forgot them and I said, "No, I thought they were something else." The lady at the register was like, "Well give it to me. You don't just leave stuff there. I guess I'll have to take core of it but you don't just leave stuff!" The lady behind me was really embarrassed and she apologized for getting me in trouble. Then the lady behind the register DROPPED MY BANANAS and then threw them in the sack! I was so mad I drop kicked her and then threw her a roundhouse kick to the face while Cason held her down. And then we celebrated our victory by eating a pudding cup at home.


Jessica said...

Dude, you're like a pregnant Chuck Norris!