Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Although I am missing my daily dose of Pat O'Brien to make this post, I think it needs to be said.

Congratulations to the Duggar Family on the birth of their 17th child. Yes, I know that I am a Johnny Comelately on this story that happened last week but I have some thoughts I would like to share on the situation (shocking I know):

1. I'm not one of those people that think that the Duggar's must have a neat family. I feel sorry for their kids. The older ones have to spend time with his or her "assigned sibling." How is that fair? What if you don't really like the kid? I hope you don't think it's the coolest thing in the world and I am not offending you at this very moment.

2. They all have J names and, in theory, I'm not against it. As some friends and I discussed on Friday, they are just now using the name Jennifer? Isn't that the obvious choice for a J name?

3. I like on the website that it says, "Children are a heritage of the Lord..." Not that I take issue with something the Bible says, I just think it would be more appropriate to finish that statement with something like, "...but may act like the devil."

4. And let me just say about said website, when I was typing in "Duggar family" into the search engine, I typed in D-U-G and it came up as a suggestion. Who are all these people searching this family online?

5. How big do you think Mrs. Duggar's uterus is at this point? I'd say big enough for a Volkswagen to park comfortably in. Or if not a Volkswagen, at the very least one of these cars (which, by the way, I better see Al Gore driving in January of 08...not into Mrs. Duggar's uterus, just in general).


Jen said...

I am sorry but that is an ugly car!

I am out on 17 kids. Although I will admit that I like the idea of Ty raising Bryce so that I don't have to. He doesn't like Bryce that much but he'll grow to love him, I'm sure.

PS. How about blowing the budget on a Honda Pilot??