Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Did anyone else eat their weight this holiday season? Because I'm pretty sure I ate more than my weight. Anyhoo... we had a great Christmas filled with traditions like the airing of grievances (because Seinfeld references never get old). Here are some pictures of our holiday:

Here is Cason enjoying his Santa items.

...because every 8 month old needs a John Deer...

....because every 8 month old needs this amount of stuff...

It was sort of debauchery the amount of stuff Cason got. But oh well... I mean he should enjoy it now because once he gets a sibling it will be, "Here's five bucks kid...don't spend it all on women and booze."

On another note...Colin got a Best Buy gift card and he bought a universal remote with it. That might not seem like a big deal to you unless you are one of the unfortunate souls who have tried to operate our remote and TV. It's a big improvement. Let me put it this reaction was such that Colin yelled at me for being sarcastic (I don't know why he would think that...I'm not a sarcastic person).

We're off to Cattleman's steakhouse tonight for my brother in law's birthday...because steak is the one food in the universe that I haven't eaten yet this holiday season.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Well, my house is clean, dinner is already done and I drugged Cason so he is taking a nap (kidding). But it is a rare occasion that I get to write an entry without a screaming person or trying to watch someone to make sure he is not about to put the iron plug in his mouth. And that's just Colin.
In a previous post I talked about whether or not you open presents on Christmas or Christmas day. Now I would like to discuss another difference people have on Christmas. Does everyone open his or her presents all at once or do you watch everyone do one at a time. Now I was raised in a mixed household. We did one or the other depending on where we spent Christmas so I have an open mind either way. If you go around and watch as everyone opens one gift, you know that you are not really watching. You're thinking about which present you are going to open next (the big one that you think you know what it is or the intriguing little one). And when you're young and your presents are cheap things like Polly Pockets or doll clothes, you get a lot more turns. But then as you get older, you get more expensive things like wallets, shop vacs (what?), etc.(although a Polly Pocket is sounding mighty fun). So your turns are over in like three rounds. If everyone opens at once, it is true mayhem -- ripping, throwing,(and that's just your clothes if you really like a gift you got). No one know what anyone got (Mom, look! I got a polly pocket and a princess crown(I think that's really what I want this year)) and it's over before you know it. But if you're normal and it's Christmas Eve, you still have Santa to look forward to...
Ok...discuss amongst yourselves...

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Well, Ho to the third power (ok, I've been around a math nerd too long). I guess everyone is getting in that holiday frame of mind. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Or maybe that's the eggnog. Kidding.
The women of my family got together last night for the annual White Christmas viewing. I unfortunately could not be there but I know they were excited. How do I know? Because they all told me on separate occasions that they were. I did try to talk Colin and my brother in law into watching Muppet Christmas Carol but I didn't get any takers.
We have been listening to Christmas Carols 24/7 around here and Cason informed me that if he heard Linda Ronstadt's "I'll be Home for Christmas" one more time he was going to throw his pacifier at the radio. He's actually sick right now. For anyone at home wondering what mixed berry yogurt looks like when it has been thrown up on white carpet...not good. But we think he's going to live.
Well, I better go get out of my pj's because I'm playing bunco tonight. Colin is stuck with the sick kid while I perfect my dice rolling skills. And I feel brutal, so if there are a few casualties in my quest for a prize, so be it.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Zoo Trip

Cason had his first trip to the zoo yesterday. He loved the aquarium. That was definitely the hit of the day for him. He kept trying to grab the fish. Here are some pictures that I took:

Here is Cason with his friends Brady and Haley. Cason is the youngest one but he might be the biggest.

Here is Cason and Haley. They love to look at each other. Babies are so funny. Actually Cason loves Haley's bows and tries to grab them.

Fashion Frump

A while back, I was walking into Chick Fil A. I was pushing a stroller and wearing jeans, t-shirt and tennies. There were two girls in front of me that were adorable. Cute hair, clothes, purse, etc. Throw up. So I decided then and there to heed the advice of my good friends Stacy and Clinton and quit dressing frumpy. It's been going good most of the time. I try to wear heels and to only wear tennis shoes if I'm going to the zoo or somewhere like that. I try to dress nice at the mall and other locations. I'll keep you updated on how it's going.

Christmas Disagreements

There are plenty of things to disagree about at Christmas. For example...what's a better movie: Muppet Christmas Carol or White Christmas (for the answer look no further than the comedic timing of Gonzo vs. the comedic timing of Danny Kaye...I think we all know who the winner is). But the most popular argument of late is do you open presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day? And why is it that when you find someone who celebrated like you, you feel totally vindicated? I was fortunate enough to be raised the right way by opening presents on Christmas eve. But it looks like Cason won't get to do this every year. I hope he forgives us when he's older.

Friday, December 08, 2006

I love the holidays...I could listen to the music year round (much to the disdain of Colin). Here are a few things I like about Christmas:

First of all, I love my tree. It's everything that America is about...fake and pre-lit. No but seriously, I love my tree.

The Muppet Christmas Carol is my favorite holiday movie. I own it and have for several years. I've already watched it twice this year and I don't care what you think about me.

I love wrapping presents. I LOVE it. If only I had a gift wrapping room like the Spellings....

Here is a picture of our tightly bundled baby...who is crawling now by the way! He just decided that he was tired of crawling backwards and he can get around much better now. I guess he's not developmentally delayed. I tried to post some video of it but I couldn't. If you're dying to see the video and I didn't email it to you, leave me your email and I'll pass it along. By the way, don't let that grin in the picture fool you. Cason hates being strapped into anything. As soon as he thinks you are going to put him in his car seat, he informs you otherwise by straightening his whole body, arching his back and grabbing on to the handle above the car window. He has that stubborn, intense personality like Colin...oh wait...that's me.
PS: Public restroom at Target in MWC is big and it has a huge changing table...a definite plus.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

You know, for a girl from Houston, Texas snow is sort of a big deal. So imagine how I felt when the snow drift came halfway up our house. It was like white out conditions out there for awhile. Colin was off work for two days and he took that opportunity to completely rearrange our spare bedroom. Yesterday, he thought it would be a good idea to grill something for lunch (outside) but that turned out to be a bigger feat than expected. We didn't take any pictures of Cason in the snow because it is just too darn cold!
Here's an update on Cason: He's still not crawling. Colin and I have come to accept the fact that he probably never will. He can pretty much get anywhere he wants by crawling backwards so we'll settle for that. He can clap and wave. He has also discovered how to point. But he doesn't know what to do when he points so we are trying to point at things so he knows what it's for. He also likes to hand people things.
In my ongoing quest to try every public restroom in America, I have three worth noting.
1. Babies R Us - Houston : Terrible. It was clean but every bathroom stall was to small for a stroller to fit inside of. Shouldn't that be a neccesity at Babies R Us?
2. Kohl's - Midwest City : Great. Quite clean and large.
3. Marshall's -Midwest City: By far the best public restroom I have been in lately. It was very clean, very large, fully tiled with nice tile and every stall was big enough for me and a stroller. Good job Marshall's.