Saturday, October 27, 2012

Cason: Mom! Thskhdhfi!!!

Me (in another room, yelling back): I can't hear you! Come in here!

Cason (yelling louder): Adjfhadfh!!!




Cason (comes in the room...suddenly becomes quiet and mumbles): dgsjasfdgjjadhsf.

Me: Ok, I can't hear you when you mumble.  Tell me again.

Cason: I've been saying, "Nevermind."

So glad we cleared that up. 

Friday, October 12, 2012

Do you have any of those words that your kid or maybe you, when you were little, said funny and it somehow just became part of your family's vernacular?  We have a few of those.  One of those is the word "boops."  Cason called my father in law's boots that when he was little and it just stuck.  We always call boots "boops" now.  I know.  Our family is so adorable you can't stand it. 

I never thought of myself as a "boot" person.  Flats?  Yep.  Flip flops?  Duh.  Then I got a pair of black suede knee high wedge boots last year and I love them.  LOVE THEM.  Since then, I've been looking for the perfect pair of brown boots.  While shoe shopping with a friend a few weeks ago, I found them. 


The Jessica Simpson ( I know) Chad boot in Western Whiskey. 
The problem?  They are a mere $200 ( I've actually seen them as low as $144...still expensive).  I don't mind occasionally spending money on shoes.  But I've never spent that much. 

But, man.  I can't quit thinking about those boots.  I would love to have them for family pictures in a few weeks.  I'm trying to think of what I can sell to buy those boots.  I've sold all my baby stuff.  What about a kidney?  What about a kid?  Any takers? JOKING.......  Kind of. 

So, Colin, if you're reading this (you aren't), and you need an idea for a Christmas gift, this is it.

Just putting that out there.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

I just got a really strong, overwhelming urge to blog.  It could be because as I was catching on my blog reading, I saw someone's blog post entitled, "Laundry" and I thought, "Well, surely I could be more exciting than laundry."  Ok, maybe not. (HeyO! Blog post from 2007 in the house!)

For realsies though I need to be in bed.  I have a Title 1 one meeting at 7:30 the morning.  (Or, "Title 9" as my mom called it.  Oh, Mom.  You are so adorable getting all your "Titles" mixed up.  Hee.) Now that my one day to sleep late is Saturday, I've come to treasure it so.  I got Cason's soccer schedule and almost every dang game is at 9 a.m.  WILL NO ONE THINK OF THE PARENTS?!?!?!

People have been asking me how working full time is going.  It's going well.  I truly love LOVE  teaching so that helps.  I miss my kids but they don't particularly miss me very much. 

I must admit, miss Kendall has surprised me with how well she has done in pre-k and at her pre-k aftercare program.  I really didn't know how she would do and she has done beautifully.  She got pre-k student of the month for September and I was so happy for me her.  She has a wonderful teacher and her aftercare teacher is awesome too.  My only complaint is that I miss hanging out with just her during the day.  I really do.  But she's on to new and better things and I have no doubt that this was the right choice for her. 

Oh Cason.  He has rocked the house in math this year in first grade.  Srsly. We know he didn't get it from me but I'm proud of how well he's done. Reading is a different situation and it's one I find particularly frustrating.  He has never struggled in reading until recently and I'm not really dealing with it well.  It's hard when you can teach a whole class of precious babies to read but you feel like you can't help your own child.  I think Colin is going to take over those duties for awhile bc Cason and I are maybe just a little too alike with how we deal with things and we don't work well together, sometimes.  I'll wrap that up by saying: Not meant to home school. 
There are times when I wish he were at my school but he just absolutely loves his school so much and he has just blossomed there so I wouldn't change a thing for him. 

My mother in law asked me if I had any recent pictures of my kids and I must admit that I don't.  I'll get on that. 


Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Today was my first full time work day.  The first day my kids were with a sitter while I was work.  Ever. 

The day actually flew by and I didn't even time to miss my kids.  When I got home, there were three neighborhood kids at our house (side note: neighborhood kids?  I could write a whole post on that.).  I was in my "professional" work clothes and was ready to change.  So, I closed my door so said neighborhood kids wouldn't be scared for life.  I changed and as I was ready to open my door, I realized that my bedroom windows were open.  The windows that look right out onto the front yard and the street.  Where our neighbors were standing with their grandson.


When I got home from work (still sounds weird) today, Kendall screamed, "MOMMY!!" and hugged me like never before.  It simultaneously broke my heart into a thousand pieces and also filled it with joy. 

I can do this. 


Friday, June 29, 2012

Even though we have a six year old and a four and half year old, it's hard to believe I've been married to this guy for ten years today.  It's cliche, but I really am looking forward to the next ten years.  Although in that picture, we'll have two teenagers.  Yikes. 

PS If anyone has seen those sunglasses that I have on the picture, please let me know.  They're black Betsey Johnsons and I love them.  They've been missing for a couple of weeks and I want them back.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Here I am with my lovelies on my 31st birthday.  We're all decked out in our Thunder gear.  This was in more innocent times.  We were full of hope and excitement for the future. We were carefree Thunder fans riding the wave of excitement all the way to the NBA finals. 

And then Lebron James entered the picture. We won't even discuss what's happened since then. 

Back to my birthday.  It really was a great birthday.  Just two days before this, we had some life changing news come our way.   Good news! Exciting and scary news!

Let me back up.  I had been thinking for awhile that I was wanting to go back to teaching full time.  I was waiting for the right opportunity to come.  And by "right opportunity" I mean, I wanted a job at my kids' school.  That would be (in my mind) perfect.  I love the principal there.  I used to work for her so there would be no surprises and I would know what I was getting.  The school is 1/4 mile from my house.  I know several of the teachers.  Perfect. right?  Problem: No teaching openings.  It's a small school and there's not a lot of turnaround.  Some other schools had called me to interview and I really wasn't that interested.  I wanted to be with my kids, at their school or nowhere.  Then I got a phone call from the principal at the elementary school on Tinker AFB.  He had a first grade position and wanted me to interview for it.  I interviewed with the principal and the whole team.  I liked the principal.  I really liked the team.  They interviewed five people so I really didn't think much would come of it.  This was Wednesday and the principal told me he would let me know on Friday.  He called me Wednesday afternoon.  It was unanimous.  They wanted me to have to the job.  But it wasn't at my kids' school.  It wasn't what I had pictured in my mind as the "perfect scenario."  And yet, I could feel God putting the pieces together.  This was actually maybe even a better situation, for many reasons, than I had put together in my head.  I'm so thankful God knows better than us. 

So I accepted it. 

Starting in August, I'll be a full time teacher again.  I've felt like Jessie Spano for the last few weeks.

(The excited/scared part not the caffeine pills)

Cason is going to stay at his school.  His first grade teacher is a good friend of mine and she will be watching him in the morning and the afternoon for a little bit.  See?  God is working it out. 

Kendall is going to go with me.  Her pre-k class will actually be right around the corner from my room.  She'll go to a pre-k after care program at the school.  It's a great program with only a few children where they can do art, nap, play, etc.  The school I was wanting to work at doesn't offer this.  See?  God is working it out. 

This past year was an amazing year for Kendall and me.  With Cason in all day school, we had so much time to get to spend with just the two of us and I loved every minute.  I will always cherish that time I had with her...and not just because she took a 3 hour nap every day.  But, for many reasons, I was ready for a change.  Our family was ready for a change.  I'm looking forward to the next year and what great blessings God will bring us!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Not gonna lie.  I was nervous about Cason starting kindergarten.  I knew he would do good.  I just...I don't know.  I'm his mom.  I didn't want him to just "do okay."  I wanted him to great.  I wanted him to love it.  I wanted him to love school as much as I did.  Mission accomplished.  This kid rocked kindergarten.  He loves his school.  At the awards assembly he got the P.E Award for his class (my father in law was there to see that...which was pretty awesome since he is a retired PE teacher), the "Excellent Library Patron" award, the "Great Listener" award, and the "Awesome Poet" award.  We are so, so proud of the young man he is becoming. 

In addition to that, his school holds a school wide "Declamation."  Every student in the school memorizes a poem and recites it for the class.  Then they pick the top ten from each class to compete for the grade level.  Then three from each grade level are picked to recite it for the whole school.  Cason got top three for kindergarten.  Again, he blew me away! I loved getting to see him perform it for everyone and even though he didn't win the whole thing, I couldn't be any prouder.  I didn't get any pictures of him performing because I was recording it.  But he was awesome!

We had our official last Sonshine School program. We didn't know at the time that it would be our last (more on that later).  In total honesty, it was probably one of the most stressful nights of my life.  Colin's baseball team was playing in the state tournament in Tulsa (more on that later) so he couldn't be there.  I had my amazing sister in laws and father in law there to help and would have been lost without them.  In addition to that, my beloved co-teacher who I love more than life itself was, literally, in labor with her first child so I was worried sick about her.  I survived the program.  Kendall did great.  My kiddos did great.  But I spent most of the next day crying.  It was just .... a lot.  And the weeks surrounding the program were some of the busiest of my life.  Truly.  We had all the end of the year stuff for Cason (more on that later), end of the year stuff for Kendall, Colin's tournament, and I was taking the test to add early childhood to my elementary teacher certification.  Plus there were some other things going on that I won't get into here but the point is -- WE SURVIVED!


We miss you already Jay!

I love my blog.  I really do.  It's my baby that I raised up and gave wings to and watched it fly away.  I didn't mean to let it die.  I didn't even really know it was happening until I got an email today saying that it had been a month since my last post and was my blog still active? 

It's not that I've been busy or had major things going on.  I've just been -eh- about it. It was one of my New Year's resolutions to be better at blogging and that didn't happen so I'm making it my kid-year resolution.  Or something like that.

I have a lot that I want to share with you so get ready.  I think I'm going to make like 12 posts to catch up.  Deal with it. 

Monday, May 07, 2012

My kids are alike in many ways.  But they are definitely more different than they are alike, I think.  Cason has never met a stranger.  Kendall is very selective with whom she'll talk.   Cason loves school...loves learning...loves being successful at school.  Kendall likes art projects.  Cason likes things done a certain way.  Kendall is much more easy going and easy to please.  Kendall likes to pick up her toys.  Cason...doesn't.

One of their biggest differences is how they deal with change.  Or rather, how Cason hates change and Kendall doesn't really seem to mind it.  Cason doesn't like new experiences and Kendall will try anything.  Case in point tonight at dinner:  Colin and I were discussing an article that listed several of the most affordable places to live in the United States.  Lots of the top places were in Texas so I said (being the awesome Texan that I am), "Let's move to one of those places on the list.  Hey kids! Who wants to move to Texas?!"  Kendall started jumping up and down screaming, "Yay!"  Cason immediately burst into tears.  Like big time tears.  We had to calm him down and assure him that we were NOT moving to Texas, that we were in Oklahoma for life, whether I want to be here or not.  After we got him calmed down, Kendall looked around, very disappointed and said, "So are we staying in this house forever then or what?" 

Hopefully not, baby girl.  Hopefully not.